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Hennessy set to unveil its Limited Edition Decorated by Osa Seven for its 10th Anniversary

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Hennessy is proud to present a limited edition of Hennessy Very Special, featuring a carafe decorated by the Nigerian urban artist known as Osa Seven.

This exciting tie-up marks the 10th anniversary of Hennessy Artistry in Nigeria, building on decades worth of collaborations with emerging musical and artistic talents from the country’s effervescent urban-culture scene. A trailblazing initiative rooted in culture and heritage, the Hennessy Artistry global concept centers on musical
happenings combining a bold sound, visual innovation, and taste experiences that celebrate Hennessy’s Art of Blending with local flavor.

In Nigeria, Hennessy Artistry has become a fixture in urban culture; serving as an integrated platform that brings the “art of blending” to life by creating exceptional consumer moments through a fusion of music, art, culture and creative talent.

Osa Seven has always made his personal culture a signature of his artwork, from his earliest illustrations to the graffiti monumental urban art that won him broader recognition. A pioneer in multi-disciplinary collaborations, notably between visual art, music, and dance, he is committed to setting an example on a community level and affecting positive change through self-expression.

“Today I am focusing on opening doors,” Osa Seven explains. “Creating opportunity seems like the right thing to do. When I was younger, lots of people just didn’t believe that a graffiti artist could amount to anything. You have to put in a lot of work and believe in yourself. It takes consistency and persistence. We paint words that will inspire children, like joy, happiness, collaboration, and peace words that will take hold in their subconscious.”

A celebration of Nigeria’s rich diversity, this limited edition of Hennessy Very Special combines the artist’s vibrant personal aesthetic with the cultural values he and Hennessy share: a love of heritage, local craftsmanship and various forms of contemporary art.

“Hennessy is the brand leader of cognac, and that is what I try to be with my art,” Osa Seven observes. “It’s easy for me to vibe with the House because it has always pushed me to express myself differently.

Tagged “A Blend of Our Best”,  the artwork is inspired by Nigeria’s rich cultural diversity and Osa’s vibrant personal aesthetic with the values he and Hennessy share.

Vibrant color is the primary element of this edition, a means for the artist to express his perception of Nigerian culture and community. A graffiti-style informed by Pop Art blends oblique shapes and patterns, reprising elements from Hennessy’s heritage including the House’s logo, the broad axe. A “7” logo, and elements of Nigerian
representations round out the mix.

The Limited Edition bottle will be unveiled on Friday, October 25th, 2019 at a very private ceremony in Lagos.

Each of the Limited edition bottles is individually numbered and will feature prominently in the rest of this year’s Artistry calendar; including the FINALE CONCERT on December 14th, 2019.



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