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Tyler Perry Opens up on Triumphing Over a Traumatic Childhood & Finding Love as he Graces the Cover of People Magazine



Tyler Perry sat down with People Magazine’s Gillian Teller to discuss the highs and lows of his unique journey, from a traumatic childhood to finding love, and the profound joy that becoming a father has brought him.

In the cover story interview, Tyler Perry sheds new light on some of the darkest moments of his childhood, including physical abuse from his non-biological father and how he navigated that trauma as a then 10-year-old boy.

Tyler Perry also shares a little insight into how his prolific creativity was formed, describing how when his home life became nearly impossible to cope with, he would hide under the front porch of his house and let his imagination transport him to a world without fear.

Watch the interview below:

Photo Credit: @Shaynahathaway

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