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Enjoy Faster & Reliable Delivery Services with GIG Logistics’ Newly launched App ‘GIGGO’



The logistics and delivery subsidiary of GIG Group owned by Chidi Ajaere, GIG Logistics has launched its much-anticipated logistics and delivery app, GIGGO, designed to ensure faster and more reliable delivery services.

GIGL has effectively leveraged technology to succeed in a volatile and disjointed environment for increased shareholder value and customer satisfaction thereby positioning as Nigeria’s leading indigenous logistics company with the strongest delivery network.

GIG Logistics constantly looks for ways to use technology to make processes simpler and user-friendly, thereby launching the GIGGO App. The GIG GO App, which runs on the in-house built enterprise resource planning (ERP) “Agility”, is specially designed for fast and reliable deliveries. With GIGGO, customers can request for shipment pick-up from the comfort of their homes or offices for onward delivery within and across cities at the best rates. This will enable GIGL to meet its 2-hour delivery window for intra-city deliveries as well as scale faster without committing too much resource, increase its market share, simplify operations and makes entry into new markets easier.

The app which was unveiled on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 is part of GIGL’s efforts to become the leading logistics company in Africa.

GIGGO app provides users seamless shipment creation from the comfort of their homes and offices, eliminating the need to endlessly wait at pickup locations for their items to be dispatched. Once a request is made, the app locates a delivery partner nearest to the request and allocates the delivery request for pickup.

According to the Chief Op¬erations Officer (COO) of GIG Logistics, Ayodele Adenaike, the company saw an opportunity in the space and decided to make a strategic move to allow a delivery process that is less cumbersome for users of its platform.

One of the ways the courier companies can seize the opportunity in the difficult Nigerian terrain is to consider customized IT solutions that are tailored to the company’s direction. GIG has effectively used technology to succeed in a volatile environment like Nigeria and hence positioning itself as a leading logistics company with the strongest delivery network. With the GIGGo customer app, customers can order for deliveries from their comfort areas for onward delivery at an affordable rate.

Ayodele Adenaike, Chief Op¬erations Officer (COO) of GIG Logistics.

GIGGO app allows you to track the delivery partner on his way to pick up your shipment, ship multiple items to the same location and monitor the status of each delivery.

GIGGO APP Launched GIGGO App Features

  • Seamless shipment creation on the go
  • Shipment history dashboard with the status of each delivery
  • Shipment calculator
  •  Complete wallet feature to fund deliveries easily
  • Ship multiple items to the same location
  • Track delivery partner on his way to pick up your shipment
  • Track shipment progress after creation

Download GIGGO today on your Android or Apple device and enjoy hassle-free deliveries across locations at double-quick time!

Become a delivery partner with GIGGO by downloading the GIGGO Partner App and sign up to earn as high as N150,000 Monthly


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