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#OccupyNigeria trends as Nigerians Kick Against Social Media & Hate Speech Bills



Nigerians everywhere continue to lament the two controversial bills the Nigerian Senate is deliberating: the Social Media Bill and the Hate Speech Bill.

Throughout the weekend Nigerians were sending mails and texts, calling their senators, to let them know their disapproval of the Social Media Bill.

The Social Media bill, “Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill 2019,” is seeking to clamp down on the use of social media to comment on politics and governance, with vague clauses that discuss blocking the internet of users in a particular location.

Social media users have shared the contact details of representatives across the country, imploring the people to reach out to them and express their disapproval.

Posts on social media also claim that parts of the Social Media Bill have been copied verbatim from a similar bill in Singapore, with only the country name replaced.

Now, Nigerians are trending #OccupyNigeria and #OccupyNigeriaSeasonII, demanding that people take to the streets to protest not just the Social Media Bill, but the Hate Speech Bill, too, which proposes a death sentence.

See posts carrying the hashtag:

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