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Colgate Tolaram takes Active Part in National NOMA Day 2019



At the 3rd National Noma Day program in Abuja put together by the Ministry of Health, Colgate Tolaram the makers of Nigerian consumer choice oral care brand has pledged to render necessary support towards the efforts in eradicating the Noma endemic in Nigeria.


NOMA also known as Cancrum Oris is the infective destruction of the tissue of the cheek, mouth or nose and at times the whole face when left untreated. According to the World Health Organization “the causative agents of NOMA disease are majorly malnutrition, coinfections – measles and malaria – and poor oral hygiene, in addition to that a number of social and environmental factors such as maternal malnutrition and closely-spaced pregnancies that result in offspring with increasingly weakened immune systems, could be strongly related to the onset of the disease”.

The National Noma Day event themed “Timely Recognition Averts Deformity” had in attendance the Honorable Minister, Federal Ministry of Health Dr. Osagie Ehanire, representatives from World Health Organization, delegates from 10 African nations, Nigerian Dental Association among other dignitaries coming together to deliberate on the Noma endemic in Sub Saharan Africa.


Speaking on behalf of Colgate, Opeyemi Awojobi who delivered a goodwill message stated that the team’s visit to the Noma specialist hospital in Sokoto the previous week has made it more compelling for the brand to further get involved in the effort to curb the prevalence of NOMA disease in Nigeria. “It was emotional seeing innocent children suffering from not only the excruciating pain it poses but also the life-time disfigurement it leaves behind”.