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DJ Spinall & Zoro brought the Party to a Fan’s House Courtesy MTN Pulse & It was ?

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On Friday, November 29th, 2019, Aguoha Grace Favour got the surprise of a lifetime. Her day had been a regular, “shmegular” day, home-chilling with little to no activities. Around 7:00 pm, she heard loud noises inside her hostel.

It seemed her neighbors were excited. As she tried to peep through the window, there was a knock on her door, it took a minute before a large crowd led by DJ Spinall and Zoro “invaded” her parlor. She ran around the parlor, clutching at her chest out of sheer excitement, and mostly, shock.

Winner – Aguoha Grace Favour

In her parlor, Aguoha Grace couldn’t stop smiling. She sat down with DJ Spinall and they gisted as they had known for a while; they both got on his Instagram live where he unveiled the MTN Pulse House Invasion winner to the world.

Her baby brother couldn’t be left out of the excitement as he strutted around the parlor like the true king of the party while Zoro gave him the regal welcome he deserved. Within minutes, Grace’s compound was transformed into a party arena. While the setup was ongoing, she quickly placed a call, inviting friends, neighbors and family members.

The party got started in no time, with a hype man, and even more interesting, was when DJ Spinall got on the wheels. The crowd was uncontrollably happy, as screams, hails and joy became the aura of the night, especially when the hype-man got Zoro to perform a special rendition of his own song for Grace, using her name this heightened the already excited party-rockers, the turn up was crazy!

The Invasion ended with MTN gifting Grace a huge gift box as well as a framed picture taken earlier that day, autographed by DJ Spinall and Zoro. MTN Pulse House Invasion has kicked off and your house might just be next up.

For all you know, more awesome celebrities are already getting set to surprise another lucky MTN Pulse subscriber. Could it be you? Wherever you are in Nigeria, the Pulse House Invasion will get to you!

To get started, register, sit back, relax and the Pulse House Invasion might just end up at your doorstep.


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