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All Chinese Nationals Returning to Lagos State will be Quarantined for 14 Days



Lagos State Government has reportedly reached an agreement with the Chinese Embassy to ensure that Chinese citizens remain in their country for now, to avert the spread of coronavirus in the state.

Professor Akin Abayomi, the state Commissioner for Health, said the government and the Chinese Embassy agreed also that those citizens who choose to return from China will be quarantined for fourteen days, PM News reports.

The commission also stated that the state government is working with the World Health Organization in combating the disease.

He also announced that some phone lines have been made available in case of any emergency. Prof Abayomi further advised that anyone with symptoms of the disease should visit any of the general hospitals. In his words:

We are very happy with the cooperation we are receiving from the Chinese government. We’ve had a very serious and high level discussion with the Chinese government through their embassy in Lagos, our primary concern has been the return of their citizens to Lagos in a few days’ time and we are happy to inform you that the embassy of China is also concerned about this, and they have sent out information through notifications to their citizens and companies located in Lagos that their citizens should try and remain in China until there is clarity about how this infection is going.

However, if some of them choose to return, and we cannot restrict people, if they do return to Lagos, the instruction from the Chinese Embassy is that they should be quarantined for a period of 10 to 14 days in their houses, hostels and accommodations.

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