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Join BellaNaija for a Special Masterclass Session at Social Media Week Lagos: Creating Stories that Connect with Your Community



Social Media Week Lagos BellaNaija

Are you trying to build a community? We have a gift for you. Learn how to use storytelling to power human connections at our “Creating Stories that Connect with Your Community” masterclass at Social Media Week Lagos.

Date: Tuesday, February 25th, 2020
Time: 11:15am – 12:30pm

This is a masterclass with BellaNaija, leading media personalities, and influencers who will share some of their secrets of having great communities across platforms.

Main Takeaways

  1. Humanizing Storytelling for a Deeper Impact
  2. How with Great Influence comes Great Responsibility
  3. Using Social Media to Power Human Connections

Meet our amazing speakers:

Yemisi Odusanya

  • Personal Content Creator Lagos

Yemisi Odusanya, more popularly known as Sisi Yemmie is a food, Food, Family and lifestyle blogger, vlogger and content creator. With over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, she is considered as one of the pioneers of YouTube vlogging in Nigeria and was featured on CNN’s Inside Africa in 2017. She is a contributor for Guardian Newspaper Nigeria and has won numerous awards including “Woman of The Year For Social Media” by HER Network and YouTuber of The Year by ELOY Awards in 2017. Sisi Yemmie has a degree in Mass Communications from Igbinedion University and a Masters in International Studies and Diplomacy from The University of Birmingham. In 2013 Sisi Yemmie won My Big Nigerian Wedding in 2013 and is a mom of two.

Amin S.K. Ameen

  • Everything Na Art Founder, Business Developer Everywhere My Talents Take Me.

Amin’s life’s work is to fully utilize all of her talents, thought leadership, skills, and accomplishments in her professional career as an individual in the energy sector in corporate America to reach back into her nave community and build leaders via knowledge, service, human capital and skill through the company she founded; Everything Na ArtTM Org. While working full time as an Engineer, Amin has been able to build, reach, and teach a community that has grown to over 30,000 ambitious creatives and professionals both on the Continent and in the diaspora. With just one hashtag, #EverythingNaArt, Amin has built a movement through her personal brand that turned into a call to action. A call to action that continues to foster entrepreneurship, ingenuity and intellectual growth. This is more than a brand; she has created a sustainable movement that has fueled these individuals to create awesome brands themselves as well as triple their previous or non‐existent income through digital skills.

Amin gives talks, joins panels, conducts online seminars and gives in‐person workshops on Tech, Branding, Digital Marketing, Leadership as well as business and entrepreneurship. Through her company, she has partnered with some really exciting brands and businesses (corporate and small to medium startups) to create opportunities and a pipeline of thought leaders in the future.
Amin’s professional career includes over a decade of Utility Finance and Budgeting, Project Management, Regulatory Compliance, Program Building, Procurement, Corporate Communications management and the effective management of diverse teams. The ability to harness this dichotomy, that is her journey, has afforded her the opportunity to learn both in the theoretical and the practical sense of her career that began while she was studying Engineering in New York City.

Niyi Ademoroti

  • BellaNaija Assistant Editor

Niyi Ademoroti is a writer and editor at BellaNaija. He enjoys culture criticism, taking a lens to the blossoming Nigerian culture today. You can find his writing on BellaNaija, The Republic, Brittlepaper and Per Contra.

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