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What is Happening in Tarkwa Bay?



On Tuesday afternoon news began to filter through that gunshots had been heard on Tarkwa Bay, the popular island that’s home to beaches along the Atlantic coast.

It was unclear what was happening. Journalist Kiki Mordi said she’d spoken to the Baale of the island, who confirmed the gunshots but said they were to “lure out oil bunkerers.” Others, however, said the island was being cleared off, its people evacuated.

Photos began to arrive as evening neared, showing people with their belongings in Ghana-must-go bags, their mattresses on the waterfront. It looked like, really, people who had spent their entire lives on Tarkwa Bay were being evacuated, with no alternative accommodation provided. Basically, they were being rendered homeless.

The Nigerian navy said the operation was aimed at protecting equipment belonging to the country’s national oil company from “vandals,” but even more pictures showed the people of Tarkwa Bay logging their properties out of the island.

According to Punch, an eyewitness said a naval personnel, who had been on surveillance of petroleum product pipeline in the area, accused members of the community of vandalising the pipeline in a bid to steal fuel.

Tarkwa Bay is the 24th community in the area that has received eviction orders, Punch reports, as part of the broader operation by the navy. Thousands of people have left their homes in surrounding areas since December 21 and their residences have reportedly been demolished.

This calls to mind the evacuation of other waterfront communities like Otodo Gbame, whose residents are still yet to be resettled.

Looks like the government is committed to creating more homelessness, replacing low-income homes with luxurious high rise buildings that remain empty.

See photos and videos from the forced evictions:


  1. by_stander

    January 22, 2020 at 11:43 am

    It’s sad but how many of these people can we vouch for, are Nigerians? Why don’t they help the Army and Navy by pointing out who the vandals are or their mode of operation?

    In anycase they are human beings so the government should make provision for their accommodation while at the same time verifying their citizenship.

    But come ooh BellaNaija you people are not covering AMOTEKUN and Corona-Virus?


    January 23, 2020 at 6:52 pm

    Lagos State government is at it again. Colluding with some members of the Nigeria Army and the Navy to forcefully dispossess poor Nigerians of their asset. Their lands. the pictures reminded me of the time when my parents house at Maroko was taken and demolished by the then Lagos State government I have never recovered from the entire ordeal after many decades. Then, so many families lost their loved ones to shock. while others was rendered homeless as a result of government cruelty to their own people. some killed themselves immediately. all our lives were permanently changed forever. When you ask those in power why. the only answer you’ll get is a lie. This a usual thing in Nigeria where the government of the day use their power to steal from the poor without any repercussion of the law. I called this Olusegun Obasanjo Syndrome. This was how this bastard managed to steal his now OTA farm. At the end, The land in question will be shared among them and their powerful friends and various companies. behaviors like this led some of the people dispossessed of their properties to turn to crimes such as armed robbery and kidnappings. you wonder why the level of crimes has increased tremendously in Nigeria nowadays.


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