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TBoss wants to Spark a Conversation about Breastfeeding with Something She Posted



Yesterday, reality TV star TBoss excitedly shared new photos of her daughter as she celebrated the 6-month mark since her daughter’s birth.

Click here if you missed it.

Today, TBoss is lending her voice to an important conversation about breastfeeding – the difficulties women sometimes face and how much support is needed following the birth of a child.

She posted photos of herself breastfeeding her daughter and started her caption with the words “Let’s talk Breastfeeding.”

She added:

When I was pregnant I read a lot. I was glued to Google & all the mommy blogs, pages, books. I even finally braved watching a couple of birthing clips. That was a hard one. But what Genuinely Freaked the heck outta me was Breastfeeding. The thought of it alone gave me sleepless nights. No Jokes. After having my daughter I didn’t lactate until a couple of weeks afterwards. I almost got depressed. I did EVERYTHING. I ate everything & drank everything they advised until one Beautiful Day I had milk. Words cannot explain how Happy I was & now! Well, Now my Mother calls me “Vacuta Vesela”??. I LOVE to Breastfeed my child, It’s my favorite Mommie & Baby time. It creates a form of Bonding that’s nothing short of Spiritually Magical if such a thing even exists. The way she holds unto me, looks into my eyes whilst she suckles & smiles at me ☺️. I feel the Most Powerful when I’m breastfeeding . I honestly dread the day that I would have to stop.

She then thanked her friends for coming through for her, saying “@amaarray Thank you for the Pap you made for me to trigger my milk- it finally worked. @neccorh this story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning you & how you taught me how to boob my daughter & all the things you gave me to make Boobietime painless & comfortable for me. @simplysorrentino always encouraging me not to give up & just relaxxxx. @fair_princess thank you for recommending them lactating cookies- I couldn’t stand the smell but they tasted good & they Worked. God bless you ladies”

Photo Credit: @officialtboss_

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