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Tope Imasekha of Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) is our #BellaNaijaWCW this Week!



For our #BellaNaijaWCW this week, we celebrate Tope Imasekha, a corporate finance executive who is also a humanitarian and founder of Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN).

Tope founded WIN in 2015 due to the significant gender gaps in education, living conditions, economic empowerment and political participation that exists in Nigeria.

The female run, not-for-profit organisation, is dedicated to positively affecting the socio-economic development of Nigeria, through the empowerment of women and gender equality.

The organisation is fighting discriminatory laws and practices, violence against women and gender stereotypes which hinder greater progress towards gender equality and thus socio economic development in Nigeria.

Its work involves partnering grassroots organisations serving vulnerable women and children in the most remote parts of the world through provide programs and services that enable hard-working women create sustainable livelihoods, care for their families, improve their lives and change our world.

Tope is also the CEO of The Zen Lifestyle (ZEN), a wellness brand rooted across the pillars of love, health, fitness and nutrition. She launched ZEN in 2012, on the premise that love is the foundation of life and that the mind/body/spirit/soul is inextricably linked. With the belief that we have more control over how we express our health than we currently understand, ZEN offers a holistic approach to living healthily in Nigeria.

Tope has vast knowledge and experience not just in corporate finance, but investment advisory, mergers & acquisitions and private equity, having spent several years in finance working in both the agriculture and Oil & Gas sectors in Nigeria.

Tope is also passionate about youth development and nation building; she’s a founding member of Rising Generation, an organisation dedication to youth participation, youth development and nation building in Nigeria.

We celebrate Tope for her passion for and work in women empowerment and nation building, and we’re rooting for her.

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