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The Naija Social Elite welcomes back Chivas Regal with the new XV

The story of Chivas XV is one of the uniqueness, Excellence and ingenuous spirit.



In this day and age, where competition is predicated on product value and certain market forces that could position or mar a brand, very few entities understand what it takes to create a credible and authentic brand. More often than not, we have witnessed brands rise and go into extinction due to lack of product proposition, still, only a few brands get it. While there’s been a shortfall and a latent gap evident,  Chivas XV strikes as a mark away from the very mundanity of brands and the ‘Naija’ party/social scene is ready for it. 

Regarded as the most successful innovation created and launched in 777 markets in its first year, Chivas XV is a disruptive new addition to the Scotch category refined with a fruity velvety interpretation. The end product is “a warm amber glow, bursting with notes of rich sultanas and touches of cinnamon”.

Chivas XV is a uniquely blended whisky that is aged for 15 years, before being selectively finished in Grande Cognac Casks. This makes Chivas XV very unconventional.

As a relatively emerging whiskey brand, Chivas XV’s proposition is clear and intentional to emphasize the quality and rich flavor of the whisky during high-energy celebrations. With an outstanding taste profile, Chivas XV presents contemporary serving styles, enjoining whisky fans the choice to best enjoy it in refreshing ways.

For a distinct class of self-driven socials who are ever willing and ready to delve into streams of overflowing opportunities, Chivas XV sits comfortably balancing out the tide with every moment it seeks to elevate. More so it finds the proposition of bearing true expression for those who genuinely want to celebrate life at every turn.

With the disruptive gold bottle launched in Lagos, Nigeria for the first time on March 19th, 2020, Chivas XV in its intrinsic mission to cater quality and share the richness which it was created for is ready for all the possibilities that abound.

So whenever you see the gold bottle, remember that Chivas XV was created for you! The unique, ambitious and unconventional.

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