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Coronavirus: A New Vaccine is in the Works in China | Here’s All That’s Happening



To be honest, last week was really hectic for everyone with the news of the coronavirus pandemic becoming more real than ever. From more confirmed cases in Nigeria, deaths in some countries, to everyone going under self-isolation.

Governments all around the globe have taken different measures to tackle what is fast becoming a global and economic crisis, and so far, Asian countries are experiencing a major breakthrough.

Here’s an update on what’s happening in the world today.

Most Churches in Nigeria are now Online

It’s Sunday and every (maybe most) church in Nigeria and around the world have to employ measures to curb the spread of coronavirus – by suspending physical gatherings. Some churches have provided alternative platforms where worshippers can be part of their services, through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TV coverages.

Meanwhile, China is moving towards a Major Breakthrough

China has recorded no new cases of the virus and is probably moving towards a breakthrough, as part of China’s vaccine development, researchers have recruited 108 volunteers who are Wuhan residents and between the ages of 18 and 60, and the patients have been split into three groups and given different doses of the vaccine, according to Washington Post.

The patients will be under observation for the next six months to check for adverse reactions.

South Korea emerges as a sign of hope

In South Korea, the number of new cases is continuously declining. South Korea continues to earn high praise for its proactive and transparent efforts to battle coronavirus and it has done so without locking down entire cities or taking some of the other authoritarian measures that helped China bring its epidemic under control.

The United States of America introduces a new tool to help with coronavirus testing – an online bot nicknamed “Clara”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently offering the American public a “coronavirus self-checker” in the form of an online bot named “Clara.”

According to CNN, “the bot isn’t there to diagnose diseases, instead, it’s intended is to help users make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care. Clara asks a series of questions to establish the level of illness being experienced by the user (or the person they are asking questions on behalf of)”.

It also establishes their location within the US, whether they are in a long-term care facility and if they have been in contact with someone with Covid-19. Recommendations range from calling 911 immediately to staying at home and calling their health care provider within 24 hours. Clara also points to the relevant state’s health department for further advice.

The wife of the Vice president of the USA, Karen Pence, tested Negative

The VP of the USA, Mike Pence and his wife tested negative to the virus after a staff member tested positive. Katie Miller, the press secretary for the vice president, shared the news via Twitter, saying: Pleased to report that the COVID-19 test results came back negative for both Vice President @Mike_Pence and Second Lady @KarenPence”

Here’s proof that you can still show kindness to the vulnerable

A neighbourhood in Berlin showed solidarity with the homeless population. In Berlin, homeless populations are increasingly vulnerable during this period, often left entirely without support or access to food and shelter. 

On Saturday, people across Berlin left essential goods at different locations for pick up as the spread of the virus has left marginalised communities increasingly vulnerable.

Remember guys, it is important you stay safe and avoid crowds. Do not leave your homes unless you absolutely have to. Wash your hands regularly and maintain good hygiene. Eat healthy, too.


  1. Visajobsupdate

    March 22, 2020 at 4:43 pm

    I hope there is a solution soon. Thanks for the update admin

  2. Project Topics

    March 23, 2020 at 9:39 am

    This Coronavirus is making us scared. I hope they release the vaccine soon. My business is no longer moving because of this pandemic disease. God help us all

  3. eprojecttopics

    July 1, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    heal the world

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