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UPDATE: Here’s What Lagos State is Doing to Ensure Everyone is Safe & Healthy during the Coronavirus Outbreak



On Tuesday, the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and the Commissioner of Health, Akin Abayomi gave an update on coronavirus in the state. 

Amongst all states in Nigeria, Lagos State has experienced a total of 29 coronavirus cases so far and has since placed a flight ban in and out of the state, schools have been closed, civil servants have been ordered to stay home for 14days and so many precautionary measures have been put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

According to Channels News, Sanwo-Olu stated that, “any essential public gathering must not exceed 25 persons and fast-food restaurants should now only serve takeaways”.

Here’s a low-down from the press-briefing:

  • We believe our people will self-regulate and comply with instructions.
  • We are not testing all our contacts, only those who have symptoms because we have to be careful in how we manage the testing kits available.
  • We are trying to de-centralise markets in Lagos. This is why we want to use some of our closed schools as markets, so people can buy food and medicine without going a long distance.
  • Speaking on why the Lagos State government is gradually shutting down the Lagos economy, Sanwo-Olu says, “It is only when you are alive that you can talk about economics and finance”.
  • We are a subset of a sovereign. We are not a sovereign. Also, not all can stock up immediately. This is why we cannot completely lock down Lagos. We need to be considerate.
  • We are already seeing compliance in several quarters. We just need to scale it up.

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