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How You Can Help the Elderly (And Anyone!) take Coronavirus Seriously



Did your older parents send you some type of fake news about the coronavirus and you had to explain to them over and over again, that COVID-19 is actually claiming millions of lives in the world?

Not to worry, you’re not in this alone.

As most of the world is working effortlessly to prevent the spread of COVID-19, more attention has been drawn to the elderly who have a higher risk of getting seriously ill from the virus. So how do we educate the elderly about coronavirus, the dos and don’ts, and many more, and actually have them take it seriously?

What’s the best way to communicate with an older loved one who is “stubborn”?

Here are a few tips:

  • First of all, be patient with them because they still feel they know better than you do
  • Ask questions.
  • Your tone matters.
  • Share genuine information with them.
  • Make them watch the news.
  • Provide the necessary equipment for safety such as hand sanitizers, gloves, nose masks and more.
  • Ensure they eat well and have their immune boosters.
  • Check upon them at intervals to ensure they are safe and sound.

You can also have them listen to this:

Do you have any other helpful tip? Do share with us in the comment section.

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