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Akah & Claire channel Bonnie & Clyde for Accelerate TV’s “The Cover”



The world as we know it is ending, so it makes sense that for the April edition of Accelerate TV‘s “The Cover,” our faves Claire and Akah Nnani serve some Bonnie & Clyde realness: all they need in this life of sin? Each other.⠀

They’ve been married for a year already, but it feels like just yesterday the whole of Lagos was celebrating their engagement. When asked if anything had changed during their marriage, they had this to say:

Akah learned that love means a totally different thing in marriage.

I thought I knew how to love until marriage. The love you need in a marriage is a whole different ball game. And if I don’t have God’s heart, I can’t love her right.

While Claire learned to always put her partner first:

For me, I’m learning self-control and patience. And marriage is teaching me to not always put myself first. So it’s always the other person first.

On how they are dealing with coronavirus and social distancing as a couple:

AKAH: “We are working harder as a couple. We pray and put in work!”

CLAIRE: “Coping with work amid the coronavirus has been challenging but as Akah said we’ve had to work extra hard and be a lot more creative…”

On their relationship towards the outside world:

Akah: “We’ve become more generous and we are trying to be a lot more sensitive to our friends and family.”

Any words for those going through depression or any form of negativity in this time of COVID-19?

Akah: “Depend on God, Read the word, speak to someone who cares.”

On their recent anniversary:

Claire: It’s meant to be the most important anniversary being our first but sadly we didn’t buy gifts prior to the quarantine so we had to be more creative.


I love your smile. I tell him almost every day, he has the most heartwarming smile

I love how he’s drawing closer to God, it’s so attractive. I’m even envious about it even

I like that he helps me out with house stuff. He’s very supportive in our home and even with my work


You’re smart.. The only thing is I don’t think you’re aware of how talented and smart you are

I like that you’re beautiful. I mean I really feel like I married the most beautiful girl in Nigeria. Take that to the Bank! Like how many MBGNs are finer than her? None

I love that you can cook. I like your food a lot.

And I love that you love me,” to which Claire said “aww baby that’s four.”

Watch Akah and Claire Nnani take us through their one year old marriage, the struggles, the wins and the love that will last a lifetime.

Photo Credit:

Creative director: @tokyojamess
Stylist: @theofficialladyj_
Cover story: @DammyEneli
MUA: @beaubyudu)⠀
Akah Nani’s Outfit: @jeffurbanclothing
Claire Nani’s Outfit: @adeysoile &@wodibenuahdl
Jewelry: @jewelsbytee
Hair: Tony Beauty Ace⠀

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