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Kaylah Oniwo has a Lesson for All of Us on Instagram Etiquette



OAP Kaylah Oniwo took to her Instagram comment section to school a follower on how she’s going through a tough time with fibroid, after the follower mistook a bulging tummy for a baby bump in a newly shared IG photo.

Kaylah immediately addressed the comment and said:

Hi, it’s not a baby bump, so let me educate you. It’s not right to make comments about anyone’s body when you have absolutely no clue about what’s going on in there, FYI, I have fibroids and it’s not an easy journey so next time you see something, please keep your comments to yourself. Cheers

The follower later apologised, stating that her comment was all positive vibes because she thought the OAP was showing her bundle of joy, and Kaylah replied:

There was a need to educate you because I didn’t announce I was pregnant. I’ve sent my message across and I hope you apply it next time.

Photo Credit: kaylahoniwo

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