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Denola Grey’s Response to a Twitter call-out shows Everyone can Grow and Evolve



Ever since British singer, Adele unveiled her slim new look, lots of conversations and opinions have been aired on the internet, centered around Adele and her weight-loss.

In response, Denola Grey advised people to stop commenting on other people’s bodies, but his advice was discredited when a Twitter user @Chillypama, brought up the model’s tweets from 9 years ago when he not only commented on others’ bodies but also fat-shamed people.






Meanwhile, he admitted that his tweets were shameful and don’t represent how he sees the world now. He further advised people against body shaming and commenting unsolicitedly on others’ bodies.

See His Response Below:

Photo Credit: @denolagrey

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  1. emmanuel mbadugha

    May 7, 2020 at 10:45 pm

    SMH, People are so fond of this. Looking for a way to make others look bad

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