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#BellaNaijaWCW Kiki James of ACE Charity is Ensuring Underserved Kids Have Access to the Best Learning Resources



For our #BellaNaijaWCW feature this week, we celebrate Kiki James, the founder of ACE Charity whose primary focus area is education and training; affordable healthcare; and economic empowerment.

ACE Charity visits local schools in underserved communities and donates fully functional libraries, providing them with a librarian computers, generators, diesel to fuel the generators and relevant books. The Quality Education Through Learning Centers in Africa (QETLA) program uses these learning resource centres as a medium to inculcate basic literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in children using diverse learning methods.

It also establishes adult literacy centres across these communities, so the adults (parents and guardians) are better equipped to contribute to their kids’ learning journey.

ACE Charity provides mobile healthcare services and treatments for Africans who are in dire need of medical attention through outreach programs in local villages and poor communities.

The ACE Charity Business Empowerment Program for Women (BEPW) is a skill acquisition program which empowers women with business skills basic accounting and management skills which will enable them to gain necessary knowledge for establishing and managing their own businesses effectively and efficiently upon conclusion of their program.

ACE Charity is currently ensuring kids keep learning even with the COVID-19 pandemic through a learning intervention called “ACE Radio School” to engage public primary and secondary school pupils/students, most of whom are at home as a result of the directive to shut down schools.

Kiki is a Gulmaki Champion, a recognition by Malala Fund’s Gulmaki Network which supports the work of education champions in developing countries and speeds up progress towards girls’ secondary education around the world.

Kiki is also the founder of Kind People Food Bank, which reaches out to individuals and families in underserved communities.

We celebrate Kiki for her work in ensuring kids in underserved communities have access to the best learning resources and we’re rooting for her.

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  1. Victoria

    May 6, 2020 at 9:43 pm

    Did I see aspiring writer? This piece is “complete”

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