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Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu: Washing Your Hair, a Major Tip For Clear Facial Skin

It is always advisable to wash your hair at least once in a week to clear out excess oil from the hair because it gives the face a healthy glow. It is also advisable to wash your face, neck, chest and back after shampooing and conditioning your hair to remove hair products that clog pores and contribute to breakout.



The hair is very much connected to the face – not just physically, and has a way of keeping the face clean or dirty. Have you ever washed your oily hair and surprisingly got a smoother skin? Dirty hair equals dirty pores and clean scalp gives a clear and radiant skin. Acne on the forehead, hairline or neck has been known to be associated with hair care products and dirty, oily and greasy hair.

Products like hair spray, hair gel, waxes or pastes etc, can increase breakout and clogged pores. Why do you think skin care specialists insist on ladies wearing a hair bonnet while sleeping? It is so that products do not get on the face.

It is always advisable to wash your hair at least once in a week to clear out excess oil from the hair because it gives the face a healthy glow. It is also advisable to wash your face, neck, chest and back after shampooing and conditioning your hair to remove hair products that clog pores and contribute to breakout.

For some people, oily hair triggers their acne, so you need to use oil-free shampoo and conditioner, oil your hair slightly, wash your hair as often as possible and keep hair off your face. Then see the magic it would give you.

It is important to know that the road to clear skin can be stressful, tiring, expensive and full of ups and downs, especially in trying to figure out the products that work best for your skin. It’s usually the smallest things that sometimes matter the most in skincare.

Let’s spell out the basic day to day skin care routine every young lady should follow – which is equally as important as washing your hair because they all work hand in hand to give you that healthy glow.

There are certain skincare routines that one must follow in order to achieve a clear skin:


It’s the first stage of a proper skincare routine, which entails using your favourite face soap or wash to thoroughly cleanse the skin in order to remove dirt, oil and unclog pores. This can be done using a wash cloth, face pad or the popular kojac sponge. If you have to use your hands to wash your face, make sure they are clean before touching your face. Have fun while washing your face, take time to massage the product on the face for few minutes. You can sing your favourite song while doing that.

This is the second stage – after cleansing, and should only be done twice a week. Exfoliation is life. I once had a friend whose face looked dull with spots and pimples and I said, “girlfriend, you do every other thing, but do you exfoliate though?” She said, “no, it’s a lot of work”. Let me just say she has me to thank for her clear skin because she has seen a huge difference in the softness and suppleness of her skin. You need to exfoliate so that products can sink in better.

There are 2 types of exfoliation: The chemical exfoliation and the facial scrub. The facial scrub can either be mild or abrasive. Scrubbing off dirt from the face is an important step because it helps to clean dirts from the pores. The chemical stage is easy and does not involve scrubbing, all you need to do is to get a face chemical. Make sure it is as mild as possible and gotten from a good skincare therapist with clear and correct information on how to use it. The power of a chemical mild is amazing as it effortlessly makes the skin glow. You would feel a tingling during and after, don’t fret, the result is worth the discomfort.

Using a Face Mask

The next step is to use a face mask. This is done about twice a week. The face mask is definitely a mini facial – one that deep cleanses the skin, open pores and removes excess dirt. It should not be used every day because of its intensity and drying properties.

Using a face toner is another important step in cleansing the skin because it sloughs off the dead skin and leftover dirt the face wash, scrub or mask could not remove. Toner ranges from mild to strong, depending on what you are trying to treat. For people that have spots and acne, they usually use toners containing benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid while some ladies that do not have acne have jumped on the rosewater bandwagon which, in my opinion, is great. It is an idle way of going gentle and, at the same time, removing the dirt, spots, setting your skin on the right PH level and still giving your skin the hydration it needs.

The Face Serum

The face serum is not left out of the skin care regime. It is optional because some people do not want to put a lot of products on their skin or do not know the essence of a face serum. The popular serums are Vitamin C and Hyaluronic. They soften the skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles, helps with age spots, acne and gives a more youthful skin.

Face Toner

Using the face moisturizer and applying sunscreen are the last set of products to be used. Sometimes, the face moisturizer comes with sunscreen (SPF) in it and other times, it comes separately. It is important to always use these two to maintain the glow you have created from the other steps, reduce early signs of ageing and prevent sun damage.

That your face is oily is not an excuse not to moisturize your face, because you will be causing more harm than good.

Exercising, drinking lots of water, eating healthy and incorporating fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and wheat is very essential to a glowing skin. Have good night sleeps and do not over-stress yourself. Wash bed sheets and pillow cases at least once in a week, wipe phone screens with alcohol to remove bacteria. You cannot rule out or have total control over hormonal imbalance or period pimples but with the above steps, you should be fine.

If you have a troublesome skin or you break out often, you might want to see a dermatologist or skin care specialist. You can throw in a facial every month or once in 2 months depending on your preference. Facials are food for the skin – they reduce signs of aging, dullness of the skin, reduce acne, spots, wrinkles, fine lines, make the skin soft and supple, and make it easy for the above to work effectively. They should not be overlooked.

When next you have a weave on for more than a month and ignore the signs that your hair is dirty, yet want a clear skin, think again. Also note that this might vary from person to person.

My name is Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu. I am 30 years old. I am from Delta state. A graduate of Masscommunication, Babcock university. I am presently doing my Masters programme at Babcock university Ogun state. I love writing, watching movies, going to recreational places and meeting people. I live in Ikeja. Instagram- Zizy31 Twitter- Fizy31 Facebook- Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu