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Pastor Tunde Bakare is Donating his Church Premises as Isolation Centres ??????



Pastor Tunde Bakare is stepping up to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in the country, and he’s doing this by donating his church premises in Lagos and Ogun states as isolation centres.

We’ve seen pastors lament the continued closure of worship centres, and in a video shared on his The Citadel Global Community Church‘s Twitter, he encouraged those pastor to step up and help in the fight.

Markets are only open to keep people from going hungry, he explained, before enjoining the pastors to donate their church halls, too, as isolation centres.

Watch him speak:

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  1. Benjamin Osawe

    May 12, 2020 at 2:27 am

    Honestly, in years past I would have fallen for this gimmick of pastor Bakare playing to the gallery at crucial moments in the nation called Nigeria. No more, because am well aware of his 2023 ambition to rule Nigeria, which of its self is not an issue, but the fact that he helped in installing a sectional presidency with the sole aim of ensuring a southeasterner does not ever rule Nigeria. In his words, that the North and Southwest by numbers can rule in perpetuity passing the baton, one to another continuously. Guess the southeasterners in his church and across Nigeria are not Nigerians and can only vote but cannot be voted for as the president of Nigeria. So, making his church premises available is a political ploy to be visible, with 2023 presidency in mind, devoid of the sincere charity expected of such a man of God. Basically, the jostling for 2023 has began in earnest, buyers or voters beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

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