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20 BellaNaijarian Parents share the Biggest Lesson Parenting Has Taught Them



2020—what a year! Staying at home for more than four months with the kids, we must say, you have totally rocked parenthood. Raising a child is the biggest job of all, and we know you’re doing it with grace, energy, and love.

These BN parents have shared the biggest lesson parenting has taught them.

We asked the question on our social media pages, and we got several interesting answers.


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Check out these 20.


“GRACE GRACE AND MORE GRACE” — Damola “AskDamz” Ladejobi

“That as we are teaching children about life, they are teaching us what life is all about!” — Remi Makanjuola

“You have NO CONTROL” — Tito Idakula

“That I have Zero patience all these while and I am just learning how to be patient” — Makioba

“That I can’t completely raise my kids the same way I was raised. Also, understanding what 21st-century parenting is and who a 21st-century child is.” — Funbi Oyenuga

“We can not judge other people’s parenting!! These kids don’t come with manuals” — Emilia Nneka Alamagny

“That every child is different, never compare children’s milestones. My son didn’t start talking early, but now I have to scream at him to keep quiet. A lot has changed within 1yr” — Ireti Obafemi

“That you have to always be in your child’s corner. That, in supporting them, you have to tell them when they are not on the right path and do so lovingly. That it’s not just enough to direct them, you have to let them know why. That you have to be true to them. It’s you and them against the world” — Edith Aiyede

“That I need my own mummy to need my children is I can be a living mummy” — Chioma

“That I should get more paracetamol” — @shadibee

“That my own parents gave me their very best and I owe them everything” — Rita Chidinma

“Patience, learning to listen before judging a matter and never ever acting out of anger or folly” — @sensagreene

“We were not told is this expensive.. we even buy snacks just to not get them upset” — Ayinkemi

“You can’t rush them. They will potty train when they are ready” — Oluwafeyikemmy

“Never to judge other peoples parenting…you can’t hand-pick their characters and how they behave” — Ruqqaiyya

“You would appreciate your parents more when you have your kids” — Sandra

“Patience and true unconditional love” — @t.alamodebeauty


“To Be responsible and patient because kids copy what you do not what you say” — @hasfinfashion

“My children are not an extension of me. I have got to let them soar and be themselves and be all the best they want to be” — Didi

From all of these, certain things are sure:

  • Kids are a joy and privilege.
  • Parenting doesn’t come with a manual.
  • They teach you patience whether or not we want to learn it.
  • You will miss every precious little moment you’re apart.

What has been the biggest lesson that parenting has taught you?

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