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Mercy & Omashola had an Epic Showdown on Wednesday’s #BBNaija “Pepper Dem” Reunion Show



If you’ve been following the BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion show, you know that the show has only been getting more dramatic with every episode.

The housemates present for Wednesday’s episode – Omashola, Mercy, Frodd, Esther, Cindy, Avala, and Seyi.

How Ebuka was able to stay calm and remain seated on this episode, is highly commendable. He definitely had a good laugh, we did too.

Cindy and Esther

The show kicked off with Cindy insisting she never had side talks about any housemate while in the house, even though everyone agreed, Seyi chose to scatter the ground with receipts about a time he overheard her speak about a housemate. She afterwards admitted she did tattle.

Did Frodd and Esther gossip about other housemates? They definitely did, and Esther wouldn’t have possibly said otherwise.

Mercy and Omashola

Mercy and Omashola had a face-off as they tried to trash out a derogatory remark made my Omashola while in house. We saw a clip of Omashola slut-shaming Mercy, and Mercy was obviously pissed.

While Omashola was trying to defend himself during the show, it was obvious from Mercy’s mannerism, that she was already ‘boiling’.

The bathroom fight scene was the major reason for the argument. She said she was waiting for Omashola to be a man and open up about what he said. He said he regretted what he said, but he was angry that day.

The fight was intense.

An epic line by Mercy: “Na me be winner, I don’t need you to shine, you’re the one who needs my clout”.

Avala said Omashola should apologize, and needs him to take accountability. “You don’t call a woman a prostitute, it is rude. I understand you were angry but you’re a man and you were wrong. The right thing to do is apologize”.

Seyi also agreed on Omashola apologising.

Omashola going to Cindy’s and telling her to move away so that he could create social distance between him and Mercy, so they could talk better was really funny. Everyone ended up laughing, even Mercy. They finally made up, after all the gbas gbos.

Mercy said she’s sorry for the way she reacted.


Such a wonderful episode.

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