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You can still lend Your Voice & Demand Justice for Uwa, Tina & Jennifer even with Social Media



As Nigeria continues to protest against injustice, violence against women and police brutality, many celebrities are using their platforms to decry the killing of Tina, Uwa, rape of Jennifer, and other unknown victims.

While people in Benin have rallied together calling on the government and security agency, demanding justice for the death of Uwa, many Nigerians have also joined the protest via social media.

Guys, this is not the time to stay silent!

Your voice matters, and it can still be heard even from the comfort of your home. You can join the online protest. It’s the least we can do from home.

Check out how people are ensuring Jennifer, Uwa and Tina get the justice they deserve.

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It’s extremely sickening how I come to the internet everyday and I see at least one case of rape or some other form of sexual abuse. What even upsets me more is when I hear people make comments trying to justify this horrific act with comments like “but what were you wearing?” “what were you doing there?” “But you didn’t scream, you stayed there” “you didn’t push them” “did you have anything to drink?”. If you’re reading this and you’ve at some point made such comments to a victim of sexual abuse, please don’t ever do it again. Our society today needs to learn to blame the rapists and not victims. #nomeansno #consentiskey #rapeawareness #womenempowerment #consentculture #wearetired #women #men # rapeisrape #sexualassaultawareness #justicefortina #justiceforuwa #nothingjustifiesrape #girlwiththesign #mybodymychoice #saynotorape #stoprapingus

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NO is NO!!! #WeAreTired #saynotorape?

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