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Why Was Peruzzi Tweeting So Much About Rape in 2011?

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Nigerian singer, Peruzzi, is no stranger to sexual harassment allegations. Back in January, the artiste was accused of sexual assault by London-based singer Daffy Blanco.

In the wake of the current outcry against rape and other gender-based injustices, Peruzzi, has been called out for rape on Twitter again by someone known only as Princess.  The person alleges that the incident occured in 2012.

Several distasteful tweets about rape made by Peruzzi back in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 have also resurfaced, leading people to conclude that the artist may have been capable of rape at the time.

After the singer was accused, he announced that he has never and “will never be a rapist”.

Peruzzi’s old tweets clearly depict the way a lot of people viewed and still view rape today. Everyone needs to learn that rape is a serious matter and it should never be approached flippantly.

After these screenshots hit the TL, Peruzzi quickly deleted all his old tweets concerning rape. But even though he has deleted the original tweets, the screenshots will always remain on the internet for all to see.

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