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Experience the Taste of Love & Good Family Time with Bama Mayonnaise



Family mealtime can be fun and exciting; but what about starting this right with Bama Mayonnaise on your favorite bread!

These special family moments definitely need a mouth-watering condiment to complement the food. The all-time favorite Bama mayonnaise adored by all ages is perfect for every family’s dining table. That is why it has come back to you with a bang!

For real, Bama Mayonnaise has unleashed a new packaging design with a quality stamp–Yes! The supreme quality and premium taste of Bama is literally only a spread away. From the famous culinary product manufacturers, GBfoods, it’s back tastier, it’s back creamier, it’s back with a bang and its Bama Mayonnaise!

Everyone knows that GBfoods continues to satisfy the consumers’ growing appetite whilst creating the opportunity for communities to become a part of Bama’s heritage in Nigeria. 

Still staying true to its distinct colors, brand characters, and label art, Bama’s new packaging design featuring a quality stamp further echoes its place as the leading mayonnaise brand. This is one step to getting you to quickly identify and purchase your authentic Bama products off the shelves.

What more do you need to hear?… 

Bama is arguably the best premium quality mayonnaise product available in the Nigerian market. According to Cletus Onyebuoha, the Business Unit Marketing Director, GBfoods Africa, spread “Bama is a trusted love mark with consumers. Scoop and spread it on your bread or vegetables, you’ll enjoy the same premium quality product made with all-natural extracts, proteins, and healthy oil. Our promise to consumers is to deliver that delicious taste which spreads moments of love at breakfast and other occasions. That is why we’re-inviting consumers to not only ‘taste the love in every scoop’ but to share it; let it go around. Because every scoop of Bama spread is love shared”

Everyone appreciates mayonnaise, it’s the ultimate spread and dressing–it’s bursting, smooth flavors that can be twisted to complement almost any taste combination. In over 80 years and counting, Bama has continued to give us quality and trust in its mayonnaise developed in the USA which provides unrivaled delicious taste to transform culinary experiences globally and locally.  

So what are you waiting for? In spending more and more time together as a family, remember Bama mayonnaise spread for bread; whatever it may be, spread the love, spread the Bama!

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