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To win an Entertainment Allowance of #360,000 for a whole year, Join the Infinix ‘Storm X’ Campaign or Buy the Latest Infinix Device



If you’re a young adult trying to become a big star or you’re still in the university or trying to get some more advanced skills, then I’m guessing your eyes just popped in excitement when you saw that headline. There’s a whole lot that can be done with an extra #30,000 monthly allowance. From the compulsory, periodic data subscriptions for online classes and staying connected with your friends and loved ones to important grocery shopping and of course, Netflix subscription for the chill, #30,000 naira could go a long way in giving you the much-needed boost to bear financial burdens.

Interestingly, Infinix is ready to give 10 individuals #30,000 naira monthly for one whole year and you can just be one of them. I know you’re itching to know how already so I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you.

Buy and win

Starting from July 3rd, 2020, you can win lots of amazing prizes when you buy the Infinix NOTE 7 or HOT 9 from any authorized smartphone dealer nationwide. All you need to do is;

  • Walk into any authorized store.
  • Purchase any of the Note 7 series or Infinix Hot 9 series and get a gift box full of pleasant surprises.
  • Put down your information with any Infinix in-store ambassador.
  • Get a raffle ticket from an in-store promoter and stand a chance to WIN BIG.

Items to be won via the raffle draw includes; microwaves, irons, TVs, fridges, etc. and 6 lucky winners from the online raffle will walk away with the Infinix Hot 9, a music box, free Netflix or DSTV subscription, Internet subscription, and the grand prize of 1year Unlimited fun allowance amounting to #360,000 because it’s all about #StormX #UnlimitedFunHot9.  Now If you’re wondering where the other 4 (four) lucky winners went, we just got there.

The Infinix Storm X Entertainment challenge

The other four lucky winners will be selected from the Infinix STORM X – an activity targeted towards students in tertiary institutions who are lovers of art and entertainment. And on this maiden edition, Infinix will be putting the creativity and originality of its fans to test. 

It is a well-known fact that Infinix loves and lives for the limitless talents of young people; the brand is always ready to juice up the ability of young people to create, recreate and go beyond the norm in their areas of expertise. It is with this interest that the brand had put forward several campaigns in the past. One of which was the HOT 8 challenge last year which focused on entertainment and saw several musical talents brought into the limelight. Once again Infinix is setting out to look for more talents through an online campaign which it calls the “STORM X”

This time, Infinix is taking things a couple of notches higher with the Infinix STORM X and four lucky winners from this campaign will join the other five raffle draw winners to enjoy the 1-year unlimited fun allowance.

The activity which will run from July 3rd to August 10th, 2020, will be held strictly online and will feature some of Nigeria’s finest singers, songwriters, dancers, and DJs. These amazing artists will be singing or dancing to a custom beat that will be created by Infinix. After their videos go up on social media, interested participants will have to make a video of themselves dropping a few bars of their own or busting a few moves of theirs using the same  Infinix beat. Participants with the most creative, distinct, and original entries will stand a chance of winning the grand price whilst others wouldn’t be walking away empty-handed too. Consolation prizes for everyone.

Winners from this campaign will be selected based on originality; how different your entry is from other entries, creativity; how creative and interesting your content is, and finally engagement; how much engagement your content is able to generate. So, every participant is expected to bring their A-game regardless of what they will be doing; freestyle, dance, or anything.

Also note that participants will be expected to follow, tag @Infinixnigeria, and use the hashtags #UnlimitedFunHot9 and #StormX when posting their entry videos for it to count as a valid entry.

The custom beat for the Storm X challenge can be downloaded via the link provided here

What are you waiting for? Get started on creating those savory contents and you might be well on your way to becoming Nigeria’s next sensation.

For more information on the Storm X activity, kindly visit Infinix’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages – @Infinixnigeria or the Xclub App.

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