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Wondering why you should own a TECNO Spark 5 Air? Here’s all the Reason you Need



TECNO’s Spark 5 Air is the rage right now and why won’t it be? TECNO definitely went all out on this installment of the Spark series; the phone is a mobile innovation hub. TECNO ensured that Spark 5 came with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM to save more beautiful memories and have a faultless and hassle-free experience no matter how many apps you have running at a time. Spark 5 also has a whopping 5000Mah battery to carry you through hours of entertainment be it movies or games. But guess what? These aren’t even the top of Spark 5’s features.

You are wondering what could beat these, right? Well, come with me.

  • Fantastic Photography Features

Here is the X-Factor for this phone. Spark 5 exceeds every mobile camera expectation. To start with, the phone comes with not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 5 cameras! As if that isn’t as unbelievable as it is, the phone also has 6 flashlights! Without even going any further, Spark 5 is obviously a mobile photography lover’s dream come through. With the 5 cameras, you have so many angles to shoot from. With the flashlights, you’ll have clearer, brighter, and more charming pictures with bursting colors no matter how dark the environment is. Say hi to fashion magazine-worthy pictures! The camera also has a Macro mode that enlarges even the smallest details. What’s not to love here guys?

  • Spark 5 Comes at A Sweet Price Point

So, this is Nigeria, it is a great country but, right now, as you well know, the economy isn’t so good. The hustle is real guys; you want a phone that is efficient, sleek, and durable, but you have to settle for less because the phones that have what you want are over-priced. But hey! Fret no more. TECNO has come to the rescue! The Spark 5 smartphones are efficient, sleek, durable all at a chocolatie-finger-licking price of ₦49,000. Unbelievable right? Yes, we know. TECNO is amazing like that.

  • Sleek Design and Dark Mode

Spark 5 has a design that breaks every smartphone design table. The phone comes in Holiday blue, Burnt Orange and Ice emerald. These colors alone set the phone in a class of its own. At 164.7*76.3*8.75mm, Spark 5 is very slim and slick and would perfectly fit in the palms of your hand. Also, the 6.6 Dot on-screen has super Immersive Display.

On all counts, TECNO Spark 5 is the perfect phone to own. It gives ‘Smooth’ a whole new meaning. To be a smooth operator yourself, you need a Spark 5 in your life.

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