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DJ Obi & Chike turn up with The Housemates on #BBNaija Day 34



DJ Obi and Chike set to rock the party

Being on Lockdown has never stopped these Housemates from partying harder than ever.

It’s another weekend in the Big Brother Naija  Lockdown House and we know that most importantly that the Housemates always look forward to days like this because of the Saturday Night Party. Tonight, we are going to partaaay hard to the amazing sounds of DJ Obi and Chike on the Lockdown dancefloor. So, if your dancing shoes are still worn out from the last party, there’s still enough time to go get new ones and put them on because we are going to have another round of blast tonight!

Setting a record tonight with DJ Obi

Famed for setting a Guinness world record in 2016 for performing a 240-hour back-to-back set, Obi Ajuonuma a.k.a DJ Obi has another task tonight – to set the record for the most lit and electrifying Saturday Night Party of the Season. Starting his career as a radio DJ, DJ Obi has gone on to win several awards and hosted some of the biggest parties in Nigeria and Europe.

If his entertaining performances are anything to go by, then you know setting a lit record tonight in the Lockdown House will be a walk in the park for him.

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Boo of the booless

Nigerian music sweetheart Chiké Osebuka Ezekpeazu had us in their feelings earlier this year, with his “Boo of the Booless” album, arguably one of the best albums to come out of 2020. Now, who wouldn’t want to sing along to ‘Nakupenda’, ‘Forever’ or ‘If you no love’? Can you guess what songs he’ll be performing tonight? We’re just too excited to wait but in the meantime, let’s go listen to the album as we count down to an amazing night with Chike and the Lockdown Housemates.

1598086966 25 img 2827

We know you might be locked down at home but not to worry, we got you covered tonight, so all you have to do is stay glued to your screens to enjoy the fun lined up tonight. See you on the dancefloor!

In the absence of workouts

What’s the Lockdown routine when there’s no compulsory morning workout?

Besides looking forward to the Saturday Night Party tonight, the Lockdown Housemates are fond of taking advantage of Saturday mornings in Biggie’s House. From sleeping extra long hours to dragging their feet to eat breakfast and not being bothered about rushing to do some cleaning, here’s what they got up to today:

Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?

The Housemates happily slept through the morning as they didn’t have Biggie’s sounding alarm to disrupt their beauty sleep. We couldn’t help but notice some of the boo’ed up couples laying in bed with their partners, while the other booless Housemates slept peacefully without any entanglement drama to worry about. It could have been the long fun night they had last night that kept them in bed till almost noon, or perhaps, sleeping all day will keep them refreshed all night long at the Saturday Night Party.

1598100687 34 screenshot 2020 08 22 at 08.35.25

Hangover sucks

It was no surprise seeing the ‘tranquillity’ king looking all sober this morning after getting all turnt last night during the games night. As he dragged himself to the kitchen to fix himself some breakfast, we couldn’t help but think back at all the fun Trikytee had last night. Who would have thought there would be a day where the Lockdown bandanna lord will get himself to a drunken state in the House?

We sure saved the moment for you.

Early morning gossip

Laycon, Prince and Praise served us some early morning tea as they discussed some things that went down in the Lockdown House last night. First, Laycon tells the gossip gang about his encounter with Erica in the kitchen. According to him, Erica offered him some spaghetti she was cooking and he declined her offer. Later on, he goes on to tell them that he was laying on the bed with Wathoni and Erica walked in on them, minutes later, he went back to his room and met his ring on his bed. Remember the fake engagement between Erica and Laycon that was acted out in the House? Well, it may seem as though Erica tried sending a message by returning it back to the owner, or to be fair, she just doesn’t want it.

Still on this hot tea that they served; the trio discussed Brighto’s new entanglement in the House. According to them, Brighto seems to be playing Dorathy and Wathoni and after seeing Wathoni in bed with Brighto all night long just seconds after Dorathy had come to tell him goodnight, we think their gist might be legit o. What do you guys think? “Brighto said he’s not interested in getting into any relationship here. He’s just using them to catch a cruise,” Praise said. To which Laycon replied teasing him about having feelings for Wathoni, meanwhile ending up in the arms of Brighto at night.

After this conversation, they talked about Kiddwaya sleeping on Erica’s bed in the main house, as opposed to the Head of House Lounge and they concluded by saying they hope Kiddwaya won’t put the House in trouble by attracting Biggie’s wrath. Minutes later, Laycon was talking to Neo about last night and how Erica saw him with Wathoni and returned his fake engagement ring. They were about to pour some more tea before Kiddwaya joined them in the Lounge and the conversation changed to the games that happened last night.

1598100906 34 screenshot 2020 08 22 at 12.15.27

While we look forward to partying with DJ Obi and Chike later tonight, who else agrees that these Housemates appear to be bonding so well, yet there’s so much underlying drama with sprinkles of fakeness beneath it all? Let’s watch it all unroll!

Twitter rates TomTom singing Task

It’s just been a few hours since our Lockdown housemates raised the roof with their music performances but it’s absolutely fair enough to say that the streets of Twitter had a blast alongside the housemates.

After being divided into the groups, the housemates were instructed to go into the Garden for the music performance. Once the instrument was played, each team performed against the provided Tom Tom backdrop in the Garden. Of course, while we knew the teams to expect the best performance from, some Housemates surprised us with their hidden talents, while some… well, let’s just say they didn’t disappoint. Music isn’t after all for everyone, right?

If you missed their music composition, watch this:

Sing for a Win

The Housemates were Tasked with creating a song for the Power of Being Cool Challenge with TomTom here is how they presented it for you.

Woah! The Housemates brought the energy to the House with their performances. Even Erica who we thought was down today made sure she showed up for the rest of her team and showed out. Did you watch it? Here is how the teams all did in the second part of their TomTom Task today.

First, there was a little confused about how the Tasks were supposed to be performed and the Housemates kept asking Biggie for clarity which it seems they improvised without. Team TomTom Classic was already on stage as they waited for their sign to go.

1598113407 34 screen shot 2020 08 22 at 17.25.13

Team TomTom Classic

The first to grace the stage was Team TomTom Classic made up of Brighto, Dorathy, Nengi, Praise and they looked the part! The foursome brought the fire as they sang and swayed their bodies to the beat of the song. Though they were slightly offbeat they still made up for it in their group unity. Their rendition of the song made the sweets your best friend, holding it down with ‘Tom Tom got your back o!’  and ‘TomTom Classic is there for you!’ How did you rate them?

1598113816 34 screen shot 2020 08 22 at 17.31.14

Team Power of Cool

PrinceLucyWathoniKiddwaya the rap crew tore it up even though they got off to a shaky start. Right at the beginning, Kiddwaya put a little pressure on the Team, telling them that making it look like a video was key to the performance. Wathoni kept her distance from the rest of her group as she kept the back ad-libs going, however, hopefully they will not be penalized. Regardless, they moved and with Kiddwaya throwing sweets in the air to the beat and Prince belting out their tag line: ‘Feel the power of cool in your mouth. Tom Tom!’ What did you think?

1598113938 34 screen shot 2020 08 22 at 17.34.15

Team Tom Tom Fresh Lime

Tolanibaj, Trickytee, Neo brought combined group energy to the team which made them a force to reckon with. The team went ahead and performed even though they couldn’t hear the music. After they were done they sat down but found out that they were given a second chance with the music this time! The name of their song was ‘Fresh lime, blow your mind’. Part of what made them unique was adding their Housemates names to their lyrics. They definitely brought the heat and packed it into their line ‘It fit to blow your mind! TomTom fresh lime!’. We believed them, did you?

1598114108 34 screenshot 2020 08 22 at 17.45.41

Team Cool With Zing

Vee, Erica, Ozo, Laycon brought the House down singing with harmony and different tonality. Erica who had been down all day brought her own flavour spreading sweets like confetti as the star dancer of the show. The group performed with maximum energy as Vee, Laycon and Ozo took the mics to perform their song ‘I love my Tom Tom’. They definitely brought their line ‘Cool with a zing, do you wanna Tom Tom? That fresh lime? Do you wanna Tom Tom?!’ to life. So do you want a Tom Tom yet?

To say the members did well is to say true, the beat gave them ginger and we thoroughly appreciated it. It was not over, however. The second part was yet to come. As soon as the performances were over and they had taken a moment to catch their breath, the Housemates were brought into the house to make sure they got the second part of their Task. We keep watching.

The Power of being cool

TomTom Challenged the Big Brother Naija Housemates to a make a hit single in the ‘Power of being Cool’ Task.

Today the Housemates were challenged to create a powerful jingle that demonstrates the Power of being Cool by TomTom. There was quite a lot of buzz about it as the Task was read out and hopefully, this means we will be in for the show of a lifetime when they get to it.

1598109367 34 screenshot 2020 08 22 at 14.19.57

The task at hand

The Housemates first Task was to create a musical piece through the provision of instrumentals which would be played through the House at random within 3 Hours. Their songs were to have a title and be performed after the 3 hours timer was up which would be their second Task. The Housemates were divided into four pre-divided teams to work in. It was less than 10 minutes before the first song was played and it clearly got the attention of the Housemates who by now were decked in their swaggy threads from TomTom. Each team took different parts of the lounge to work in and after the first burst of instrumentals, they got to work.

1598109437 34 screenshot 2020 08 22 at 14.52.52

Team Tom Tom classic

Brighto, Dorathy, Nengi, Praise made up team classic who got straight to work, memorizing the beat that they loved and getting straight into writing the lyrics to the next big House hit. Their key phrases were Tom Tom classic, black and white stripes and power of cool and Praise seemed a little more playful in the team walking back and forth between the table where his team was situated and the Kitchen. Hopefully, it won’t cost them.

1598109495 34 screenshot 2020 08 22 at 14.59.50

Team Cool With Zing

Vee, Erica, Ozo, Laycon took to the task at hand identifying their beat as soon as they had heard the second one. They were told their key phrases were Tom Tom, fresh lime, green and white stripes, and cool with a zing. Laycon and Vee easily took the lead taking to the music like bees to nectar. The team seemed to finalize their song before any of the other teams and was completely in sync, buying themselves time to chat with each other and eat before they had to present.

1598109565 34 screenshot 2020 08 22 at 15.47.29

Team Tom Tom Fresh Lime

Tolanibaj, Trickytee, Neo began by trying to figure out why the housemates were divided the way they were, thinking that Team Cool With a Zing was at an advantage over the others. Of course, with no other options, they continued on their journey to pen the best lyrics and found their rhythm and got down to it. Their key phrases, like Team Cool With a Zing, were Tom Tom, fresh lime, green and white stripes, and cool with a zing.

1598109625 34 screenshot 2020 08 22 at 15.30.14

Team Power of Cool

Prince, Lucy, Wathoni, Kiddwaya started off quickly penning a rap style song for the fans. Their key phrases were also Tom Tom classic, black and white stripes and power of coolA minor altercation occurred within the group when Lucy disagreed with one of the lyrics, Kiddwaya explained his side of the story and left the group with his explanation. Hopefully, the team will gel before the presentations.

Though we still do not know what the prize is, we know that the Housemates are used to putting their best foot forward to make sure that the Win regardless. We are looking forward to seeing what they have in store and to finding out what the second part is!

Waiting for tonight

Saturday Night is Party night and we all have different things to look forward to, for the BBNaija Housemates, it’s definitely a time to party and let loose.

It’s Saturday and we are on our way to Saturday Party Night. After last night’s festivities is there more to look forward to? Of course, there is, this is the Big Brother House. Every weekend the Housemates treat us to dance moves as they put the dancefloor to good use looking dapper and beautiful in gorgeous clothes from various design houses in the country. And of course, is there even a Saturday night party without the DJ’s and the singers? Never. So we took a look at Twitter to see if you were as excited as we were, and here is what we found.

The musical acts

As always, Biggie keeps it hot for the Housemates and when it was announced that we are to expect record-breaking DJ Obi and the ever-talented Chike to rock the stage tonight

We know you are here for the music, just as the Housemates are.

The Outfits

You know the Housemates have killed it over and over the last few weeks and if you didn’t catch the last one you can catch up.

The dancing

Who has the moves that break the dance floor and who has the moves that make the dance floor? Many of you cannot wait to see their favourite Housemates dancing it out tonight, neither can we!

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