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#BBNaija Day – 43: Erica is HoH for the Second Time & Six Housemates are up for Possible Eviction



Erica’s second HoH win

For the second time this season, Erica bagged the Head of House title in tonight’s Challenge.

Before setting the rules for the Head of House Task tonight, Biggie reminded the House about Kiddwaya’s two-week suspension from the Head of House game which begins tonight; for this reason, he is ineligible to participate and also ineligible for the role of Deputy for this period. While for Erica, her suspension from the Head of House game became over and she was welcomed back into the game.

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The HoH privileges

As expected, the Housemate who goes farthest in the game within the allotted two minutes wins the title of Head of House. Asides Immunity from the pending Nomination process, the Head of House will have exclusive access to the Head of House Lounge and power to Nominate a fellow Housemate as Deputy Head of House.

The Head of House and Deputy Head of House will also have the privilege to invite one guest each into the Head of House luxury Lounge per week. This they must do within the restriction that the guests are not allowed to spend the night in the lounge and not permitted to sleep in the Head of House bed.

1598904272 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 19.34.31

Tonight’s game and obstacle

There were five green obstacle cards, two black restart cards, one key and one gold chest. All on the way to the magical step number 30. For the game to begin, the Housemates need to roll a six on dice to start.

After they roll a six to begin, they must move their effigy to the steps according to the number on the die. For this, they were given two minutes to complete the game. Wherever the effigy stands at the end of the allotted time, is their step count.

Nengi went first and rolled to step seven, Neo, Vee and Prince, unfortunately, couldn’t make it past step nine due to the cans stacking obstacles, Trikytee made it to step six, Lucy got to step 21, Erica got to the farthest step as she made it to step 29 and unfortunately while Laycon was so close to beating that step count, he didn’t get lucky tonight. Better luck next week, Laycon!

1598904437 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 20.07.49

Erica wins Head of House

For making it the farthest in today’s Head of House Challenge, Erica emerged as this week’s HoH. For the first time in the Season, Biggie instructed the Head of House to select a Deputy within one minute. Erica chose Prince for this role. They were both asked to pick their visiting guests and they both selected Trikytee and Dorathy respectively to enjoy the HoH Lounge privilege with them, but without passing the night in the room.

1598904437 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 20.07.49

With Erica sitting on the HoH throne for the second time and Prince being a Deputy for the second time this season as well, we can’t wait to see how well they will fare in the House.

First Nomination session

Trikytee, Laycon, Lucy, Vee, Nengi and Kiddwaya are up for possible Eviction in the first Nomination session by the Housemates.

Biggie introduced a twist in the middle of season 5  wherein Housemates would Nominate who they feel should go home. The voting process was done differently in the first six Sunday Night Eviction Shows where we saw Housemates Vote for who goes home from the four Housemates with the least votes.

1598906998 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 21.28.59

After Monday night HoH games wherein Erica won for the second time this season and picked Prince as her Deputy, one by one the Housemates went into Biggie’s Diary Room and named two Housemates for possible Eviction this week. Here is how the first Housemates’ Nomination session went down:

1598907091 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 21.30.02  2

In the end, Lucy got the most Nominations at six, Trikytee and Laycon received four Nominations while Vee, Nengi, and Kiddwaya all got two Nominations each. They are now up for possible Eviction and it remains to be seen who will leave Biggie’s House during the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show.

A survival Diary

The day after the triple Eviction the Big Brother Housemates used their Diary Room time to decide who they would take with them to the final if they could.

With the shock of Brighto, Tolanibaj, and Wathoni hitting the road still fresh in the Big Brother Housemates minds, it was hard for them to concentrate during the Diary Room Session. That withstanding Biggie still found a way to get the one thing that everyone wanted, answers.


After sharing that he was still recovering from last night, Laycon told Biggie that he was grateful and happy but still not 100%. The only person that he wanted to bring with him to the final if he could was Erica as he would like to compete against her.


Lucy told Biggie that the triple Eviction didn’t affect her because, after Ka3na her friend left, there was nobody else she cared for in the House. When asked about the Live Show surprise she said that every Sunday she just waits for the gist because she wasn’t concerned with the issues of “high people in relationships”

1598892342 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 14.27.29


Prince shared with Biggie that he was very optimistic about making it to the top 5, even though the Eviction Wathoni shook him to the core. He also opened up about Dorathy being the only person he would take to the final with him as he admired her drive and will to win.

Vee said that The Live Show drama had her prepared to go home and see her family because people who have never been up for Eviction had to go home. When asked who she would take to the final with her, she said nobody as the choice should be left to the public and she didn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s destiny.

1598892397 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 15.03.30

Kiddwaya shared that Brighto’s Eviction was upsetting because they did everything together, but it didn’t come as shock as anyone can go at any stage. When asked about his chances he said that he feels anyone who is still in the House is a contender and should consider themselves a finalist.

1598893335 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 15.16.33

As the dust settles front the triple eviction it’s clear that all the Housemates are truly certain of is that certainty in Biggie’s House is nonexistent.

A walk to remember

The impact of last night’s triple Eviction was evident in today’s workout as the Big Brother Housemates struggled with more than just their fitness.

Saying goodbye often forces one to say hello to other things, and this was the case for the Big Brother Housemates during their gym session today. The survivors of the Live Show cull all went about their workouts in earnest as they tried to come to terms with the fact that their time in Biggie’s House was limited.

A walk to remember

The first part of the session saw the walkers dominating the Arena as Vee and Neo had a stroll and a chat as did Nengi and Ozo who walked hand in hand. The conversation Vee and Neo were hashing out was focused around the Eubuka’s comments about Tolanibaj and Neo’s supposed attraction.

1598871703 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 09.03.59

Perfect pairs

Also paired up for their sweat session was Dorathy and Lucy who engaged in jump squats and back kicks to make sure their workout was a good one. The workout buddy connection was also strong between Prince and Trikytee who did knuckle pushups in unison. Prince appeared to be more resolute during his workout than usual as he may have been inspired by last night’s events, and the loss of his confidant. Erica crunched and twisted alone for the majority of her session. Perhaps she was centring herself after being handed a final warning by Biggie.

1598871908 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 09.02.46

Bench buddies

Laycon was once again benched himself and was joined for a chat by Nengi who decided to sit wrapped in a blanket after her walk. The triple Eviction dominated their conversation, and when Kiddwaya joined them to perform bench dips, he couldn’t help but throw his opinion into the dialogue.

1598871769 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 09.03.10

Gym time showcased that big changes in the House can affect even simple actions like a workout. Stay tuned to see what else this change influences as the week goes on in Season 5 of Big Brother Naija.

The ones they lost

The BB Naija Lockdown Geng lost some of their faves to Eviction and they shared the hurt.

Every Sunday, a Lockdown Housemate loses a close friend to the cold hands of Eviction. The Housemates are always left shocked and sometimes in tears when it dawns on them that the Housemate leaving this time is that one Housemate they bonded with and enjoyed spending time with the most.

The numb one

Lucy was the first to experience the pain of losing a close friend when she watched Ka3na make that walk to the door after being told by Ebuka that she had been Evicted. It seemed the pain had made her numb because as the Evictions took place, she felt no different. It also helped that she really didn’t feel any sort of attachment to the Housemates that were leaving.

1598909170 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 14.27.29

Losing dear ones

Even though they both agreed to split up, they still found themselves drawn to each other, but not for long as Eviction drew them far apart. Prince watched the woman he spent time the most within the House be the first Housemate to be Evicted. As if that wasn’t enough, he suffered another ache as Wathoni also got called up for Eviction. He may have suffered the biggest loss as he lost two women close to him. Dorathy wished she had more conversations with Brighto and they got to know each other a little better. Dorathy at some point got into a triangle with Wathoni over him and during her session with Biggie, she described him as a distraction. She will definitely miss him and what could have been.

1598909083 34 screenshot 2020 08 30 at 22.11.47


Kiddwaya lost his favourite buddy in the House to Eviction too. Although he wasn’t shocked, he was upset at his exit. Apart from Erica, Brighto is one person always in Kiddwaya’s company. Trickytee lost two of his best buddies – Tolanibaj and Wathoni. They were his crew in the House and it was always a delight when he sat in their company sharing fun banter. Erica wasn’t happy that Brighto and Tolanibaj, two of her gist buddies got Evicted and she dreaded the boredom that was to come.

1598909275 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 15.16.47  1

Even though the Housemates miss these Evicted Housemates, they also know that every Eviction they survive takes them a step further to being the last wo(man)  standing.

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