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#BBNaija Day – 28: Kaisha Evicted From the Big Brother House



Following this Season’s Live Eviction tradition, the Lockdown Housemates were required to vote out two of the bottom four Nominated Housemates between Trikytee, Kaisha, Wathoni and Neo.

Trikytee, Kaisha, Wathoni and Neo were announced by Ebuka as the bottom four Housemates in this week’s list of possible Eviction. On that note, the Housemates were called into the Diary Room by Biggie to cast their votes on who they want out.

Housemates cast their votes for the fifth Eviction

Starting with Kiddwaya, the Housemates Nominated and here’s how they voted:

Kiddwaya: Kaisha and Wathoni
Vee: Kaisha and Wathoni
Brighto: Trikytee and Kaisha
Laycon: Trikytee and Kaisha
Dorathy: Trikytee and Kaisha
Praise: Kaisha and Trikytee
Lucy: Trikytee and Wathoni
Prince: Kaisha and Wathoni
Tolanibaj: Kaisha and Trikytee
Ozo: Kaisha and Trikytee
Erica: Wathoni and Kaisha

Kaisha was eventually evicted from Big Brother Naija after spending 4 weeks in the house. She is the 5th Housemate to be evicted from the House.

Kaisha’s last Lockdown steps

Being the fifth Housemate to be Evicted from the BB Naija Lockdown House, Kaisha said her goodbyes to the Housemates. As she went through the doors, her exit was received with surprised (not for some of them) faces and best wishes from her fellow members of the Lockdown geng.

Kaisha’s last words

When asked on how she felt tonight, Kaisha gave her usual response on “I’m okay”. This prompted Ebuka to drill her on more questions by asking her how she felt about being voted out by the other Housemates. “I am not surprised that the Evicted me, I know they didn’t like me and I could just tell,” she disclosed to Ebuka.

When asked about her sudden closeness and what seemed like attraction for Neo, she admitted that she liked Neo in the House and didn’t even mind shaking his existing love ship. After all, every male Housemate is single as far as she’s concerned. E for what? E for Energy! Her Lockdown personality may have been reserved, but she sure gave us a lot of drama and funny moments in the House and will surely be missed on our screens.

1597608455 34 screen shot 2020 08 16 at 21.00.03

With regards to her future plans, Kaisha reveals that she plans to continue with her skincare business and also further her education. We are rooting for you girl, good luck!

Watch Kaisha’s journey here

Let’s shake some tables!

What’s a Live Show without some table shaking from Ebuka? Tonight, was no exception as he started this session with Lucy by asking her what transpired between her and the other Housemates she has had a heated argument within the House. Lucy replies saying everything was just as a result of misunderstanding and miscommunication, especially with the case of her confrontation with Erica.

1597608278 34 screen shot 2020 08 16 at 20.04.34

On this same table, Erica was asked on her reason for getting confrontational with about three Housemates this week. She answered Ebuka by explaining how she felt Brighto being her friend, had disrespected her when it was time for rehearsals last night and instead of joining in practice, her went ahead to take a bath. She continued by saying that she feels Lucy judges people a lot, which is why she had to confront her after the statement Lucy made last week.

1597608207 34 screen shot 2020 08 16 at 20.06.37

Who would have thought that a mere hiss was what fueled the heated argument between Kaisha and Nengi yesterday? Kaisha explained what went down and said she felt disrespected by Nengi for no just cause. On the other hand, Nengi thought she heard a hiss from Kaisha, which pushed her to hurl some abusive words at Kaisha. Well, now we know that they have settled the issue and there’s no beef.

Wawu! Ebuka almost had the Housemates pee in their pants as he announced a second Eviction tonight, which happened to be false. Whew!

To end his chat with the Housemates, Neo was asked about the mood in the House and why the Housemates weren’t giving the vibe and lit mood they started the season with. To which Neo replied saying, “Everyone is now dulling and not all of them are showing their true selves, if that’s how they want to play the game, I’ll play along.” Do you agree that the Housemates are still fronting for one another though?

1597608336 34 screen shot 2020 08 16 at 21.16.30

With the Eviction of a fifth Lockdown Housemate, let’s see if the rest of the Housemates will heed to Ebuka’s advice – “Play your game but don’t make it too obvious,” he said.

A Diary before a goodbye

It was the last Diary Room for one Housemate and the Big Brother gang shared who that would be, if the choice was theirs.

The lazy Sunday afternoon was broken up by the ominous voice of Big Brother requesting to see Brighto. This moment marked the beginning of what was going to be the final Diary Session for one Housemate. Here’s the tea for you to enjoy from what the Housemates said during their chat with the Biggie.

As always Brighto was short and direct with all of his answers.  nHe told Biggie that he was in a happy mood as he had an amazing week. If push came to shove he shared that he would save Tolanibaj as she was the person closest to him out of all the Housemates. Brighto chose Prince as his immediate Eviction selection because “ We’ve not been close. I feel he is a threat.”

After sharing that she is feeling fine after a good night’s rest and getting her hair done, Wathoni let Biggie know that if she could, she would save Brighto. As far as sending someone home goes, she would choose Kiddwaya because too many things are for highlights.

1597604471 34 screenshot 2020 08 16 at 15.20.36

When Ozo got the chance to share his thoughts with Biggie he mentioned that Nengi would be the person he saves from Eviction because he finds her intriguing. If he had to choose who wouldn’t return, he said that would be like killing a family member. After much thought, Ozo offered Kaisha as a sacrifice because she is the one he is least close to.

After enduring a difficult day due to ‘ship drama, Vee said that if given the choice she would save Neo. She mentioned that she depends on him and sees him as her other hand. When pressed about who she would Evict, Vee chose Prince because he has become too competitive and she no longer enjoys having him in her space.

After telling Biggie that he feels generally fine, Laycon said that he could not choose anyone to save because he is always thinking about himself. When forced by Big Brother to make a choice, Neo was his answer on the basis that they have connected. Laycon finds him to be a great guy to be around.

Nengi said that she sees greatness in Oz and believes in him. These were the reasons behind her choosing him as the one person she would save from Eviction. On the topic of Eviction, she chose Lucy as her preferred candidate. The reasoning behind it was she found Lucy to be condescending and was hurt by the things she said during their fight.

1597604540 34 screenshot 2020 08 16 at 16.30.52

After sharing with Big Brother that the Live Show has him a bit tense, Praise said that he’s game-saving vote would go to keep Laycon in the House. The rationale behind the choice was that he considers Laycon to be an incredible person who he has grown close to. In terms of Eviction, Praise would be happy to have Kaisha leave because he feels that she doesn’t like to help if it doesn’t benefit her.

After a tumultuous week, Lucy said that if she had to choose anyone to save, it would be Dorathy because she now considers her a friend. The person that Lucy would prefer to see gone is Nengi. Lucy believes that Nengi’s calm demeanour hides that she causes more trouble than anyone else.

Trikytee said that his Wathoni would be the person he saves if he could because as the most mature of the Housemates, they need to stick together. On the topic of which Housemate would get the boot if it was up to him, Ozo popped up. Trikytee’s reason for selecting Ozo to go was the belief that a Big Brother win wouldn’t change his finances.

1597604647 34 screenshot 2020 08 16 at 17.49.22

After sharing with Biggie that she is feeling good and nervous at the same time, Tolanibaj chose Kaisha as the person she would save. She reasoned that Kaisha has always been misunderstood, and deep down is a sweetheart. On the topic of sending someone home, Tolanibaj selected Lucy because of her constant need to be loud.

When questioned by Biggie as to who his vote to save would go to, Tolanibaj was chosen. As for the subject of an instant Eviction, Bright was the person Prince would have at the top of his list

The person that would get their time in the House extended if Kaish had to decide was Dorathy. As for letting someone go, the person saying goodbye would be Ozo, if the choice was all hers.

Said that her game-saving vote would go to “maybe” Brighto as they are starting to vibe. If an instant Eviction was the question, her answer would be Tolanibaj as they have no connection.

1597605019 34 screenshot 2020 08 16 at 17.24.01

When this renowned speaker stepped into the box with Biggie, he told him at length Vee would be saved if the choice was up to him. A for whom he would send packing, Lucy was Neo’s choice because she doesn’t treat others as she expects to be treated. Before leaving he asked Biggie for flowers and a card so that he could give Vee a special surprise on her upcoming Birthday.

Once again the Diary Room gave us the kind of moments that make television worth watching. The best way to enjoy more is to stay tuned to Big Brother Naija.

Nengi and Kaisha get a final warning from Biggie

Kaisha and Nengi’s Saturday morning confrontation earns them a final warning from Biggie. Week four in Biggie’s House gave us altercations that resulted in Nengi and Kaisha being issued final warnings. Big Brother extended the warning to the rest of the Housemates too.

Paragraph 1 of Article 18

A fierce battle of words erupted between Nengi and Kaisha on Saturday morning. The screaming match was so intense that it crossed into three rooms and lasted nearly a half of an hour. This was Nengi’s second altercation as she and Lucy got into it at the top of the week straight after last week’s Live Eviction Show.

Tonight, Nengi and Kaisha received a final warning from Biggie for their violation of Paragraph 1 of Article 18 of the rule book which is dedicated to prohibited behaviour. It states that Big Brother is a game that encourages individual expression. However, there are types of behaviour that will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated in the Big Brother House.

Warning extended 

Biggie also used this time to extend the warnings not just Erica, Lucy, and Wathoni but to the rest of the Housemate too. He added that disagreements are expected in a house full of diverse personalities, however, each Housemate must always control their tempers at all times. “Physical violence is completely prohibited in the house. This means, no pushing or punching of any nature and certainly no throwing of objects,” he added.

All equal in Biggie’s House

Housemates were reminded that they were each selected because they were found deserving of a stay in Big Brother’s house and that no one is greater or better than the other. Biggie further emphasized that disregard of any of the House rules may result in something more than a strike.

Here’s a look at how it went down:

Five times Big Brother made us say kai this week

As another Eviction looms we look back at the action-packed week the Big Brother Housemates had.

Week four in the Big Brother Naija House was packed with more spicy goodness than the Indomie the Housemates are always chewing on. Here are the five bites that left us feeling very satisfied.

New head and neck

Erica celebrated a triumphant win in the Head of House games and chose to have Kiddwaya serve as her Deputy. Their reign has been pleasant, though at times did draw certain criticism from the other housemates for their handling of certain sensitive situations. All in all, they can look back at their time in charge of glee as they managed to preside over a successful period in the Household.

Wahala happens

Since her reign as Head of House, we’ve seen that Lucy is a no-nonsense customer who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. We saw her disagreement with Nengi. Both ladies heated up our screens so much that you could cook supper on them, but in the end, the bout had to be judged as a draw.

Diary gets dicey

Whenever the Housemates get a chance to talk to Biggie personally, there is no telling what will come up. This week was no different as the chats ranged from missing family members to thoughts about the HoH, which they could never share anywhere else. If the Housemates ever had to repeat the things they said to Biggie, to the faces of the Housemates they said it about, Big Brother would resemble Wrestlemania.

Nengi vs Kaisha

Kaisha had been building a reputation as a calm, collected, and somewhat distant Housemate up until this blow out with Nengi thrust her into the spotlight. The disagreement with Nengi on Saturday morning about a kettle full of hot water turned into a screaming match so intense it crossed into three rooms and lasted nearly a half of an hour. Neither lady backed down for a moment and the highlight had to be Kaisha taking a break in the middle of the war of words to joyfully dance around. When this unforgettable clash had drawn to a close everyone couldn’t deny that Kaisha’s still waters run very deep.

Posing like a pro

If you had to guess who the camera loves most in the Household, the answers wouldn’t have been anything close to what the Guinness Task delivered. The pick of the pictures had to be Brighto who went from wallflower to shining star in one snap. It seems there are still a whole lot more surprises left for us to enjoy from the group that we thought we knew so well.

As the Housemates prepare for the Live Show tonight, they can happily look back at a week that has given them proof that Big Brother Naija Lockdown is always going to have new surprises to be enjoyed.

Neo and Vee fight and make up

Neo and Vee fight in the morning to make up in the evening, all in a day’s work in the Big Brother House.

When we are going through ‘ships it is only natural to go through ups and downs. We can see this clearly in the House and of course, we tend to watch a little closer when the clouds darken and the cruise becomes unstable.

Today, we witnessed a tiff between Vee and Neo and as time moves on we are told Neo’s side of the story. He feels that Vee has been unfair towards him particularly when he was sick and needed to eat, he caught flack from Vee for eating without him. From Vee’s side, what we have heard so far is that Neo was disrespectful in telling her to ‘F%$& off!’ in public, she also told Neo in no uncertain terms that if he does that to her in public again, she would ‘Call it off’. Neo maintained that he tried to maintain peace with Vee in multiple ways, bending over backwards for her much for her every day.

Woah. There is a lot happening here, so naturally, Neo went to seek advice from some of the other Housemates.

First, who tried to break the fight?

The fight took place this morning in the hair salon where Praise asked Neo not to confront Vee in the salon. He worked his way back and forth between the couple, asking that they do not fight here in the salon, at some point telling Vee that in this situation, Neo was merely a salon person here to support.

Ozo thought Neo should be the bigger man

As soon as the words had been exchanged between the two outside the salon, Neo made his way to the changing rooms where he found Ozo and retold the story. Ozo said that Neo should be the bigger man, after agreeing with Neo that she was definitely in the wrong.

Kiddwaya says the scale is imbalanced

While Neo was outside chatting to Laycon and Kiddwaya, Kiddwaya gave his own advice. Besides saying that Vee was a British girl and that mentality made her a little different. He also said that Vee as so used to Neo treating her so well that when Neo did something small, she wouldn’t like it.

Laycon thought Neo should keep the peace

Laycon also had a few words for Neo and told Neo that in a relationship, there are two people involved and sacrifices need to be made in order to make sure that the relationship is solid. Laycon also told Neo that it sounded like there were underlying issues and it could not only be about soup, swearing and sleeping in Trikytee’s bed, and that’s what he thought needed to be addressed.

Nengi wanted to know if there are underlying issues

After listening to Neo for a while, Nengi asked if there were underlying issues because that how it seemed. Neo avoided the issue, telling Nengi that he thinks it’s the issue of telling Vee to ‘F off’. At this point, Vee called Nengi and that conversation ended there. Nengi made her way to where Vee was to talk to her friend.

Get the girls involved

Through the day, Vee had multiple discussions with many of the girls, who eventually convinced her to extend an olive branch. Which she did by leaving a note for Neo while he slept, with their help.

Vee’s response

Though we know there was an issue with food, it was later revealed that Vee was very upset by the fact that Neo swore at her and proceeded to sleep somewhere other than the bed they have shared for weeks. She thought it was very disrespectful and had he just come to bed like she expected him to, they could have sorted everything out, but Neo rather, made things worse.

Though we did not hear the end of the conversation due to Diary Sessions, the two seemed to make up as when Neo went into his Diary Session, he requested something special for Vee’s birthday in the form of a card and some flowers. We know- really sweet, right? Right.

Five things to look forward to on BBNaija

We are almost halfway through season five of Big Brother Naija

We have made it to the middle weeks of the Housemates stay in the House, what a ride it has been! Week on week we have learned more about the housemates, heard new things and seen different sides of the housemates. We had 4 different leadership teams who took the Housemates through different challenges, and of course, we lost some Housemates- which was not easy. So, we have come this far, what more can we look forward to?

Not knowing what tonight holds, here are 5 things we can think of for the next few weeks ahead.

1. More Evictions

Of course, we know this is the elephant in the room every single Sunday, we have seen you all have your faves and people are Voting relentlessly every weekend to keep their favourite Housemates in the House. The competition is, of course, heating up as the stakes become higher and the Housemates all realise they are here for the game, more than anything else.

2. Ebuka’s fire outfits

You know that he is bringing heat daily.

3. The ships

Kai! This week was hectic for the ships in the House. From Nengi telling Ozo he has been brother zoned, to Neo and Vee going through a storm, to Kiddwaya and Erica having a conversation about Wathoni. There is always speculation in the House and we know the bets are on. What do you think will be the final outcomes of the House?

4. Changing dynamics

Biggie likes to ask how the dynamics are changing in the House. We know that as time goes on, it will be changing like a hand of cards. From the Housemates starting off as a happy family to the week of wahala, we can definitely see the changes in the House. Housemates that were quiet, are no longer quiet and those that seemed to be pushovers show they are not pushovers. We can also see how different Housemates have proven leadership skills the more they win HoH Challenges. What do you think?

5. Can there be more drama?

If you haven’t checked out that happened in week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4, you could think that the drama is over. But we know better. Just because there will be fewer people, doesn’t mean the drama is over, we push on to see where the show leads us. What are your predictions?

Fam, we know that there is so much to go, we cannot even speculate anything because we really do not know what people will do as the stakes get higher. Stay close to your fave and stay tuned to find out what else will happen right here, in the Big Brother Nigeria House.

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