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Janelle Monae Fronts SHAPE Magazine & Talks Mental Health, Activism & Creativity



Janelle Monae fronts the cover of SHAPE Magazine and as usual, she is stunning!

 On being a creative risk taker

“I can never as an artist think about, ‘are people going to be moved by this?’ I have to be moved first. One of the things I’ve made a conscious effort to do, specifically with Antebellum, is to shed light on racial injustice.

I’ve made it a thing to face discomfort. I think discomfort is part of everyone’s reality right now.

On how she is staying strong mentally.

“I realized that I was dealing with abandonment issues, and just last year, I started to really deal with it. My dad was in and out of my life growing up, and other instances where I felt abandoned were coming up to the surface.

I started to write these things down, and I remember just crying like a baby. I will say that it is so freeing when you can identify your trauma. Knowing why you feel a certain way or why these feelings of being upset or angry or sad—why they’re happening, what the root of it is. It’s just so empowering.”

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Photographer: @danascruggs
Stylist: Alexandra Mandelkorn @mandelkorn
Hair: Nikki Nelms @nikkinelms
Makeup: Jessica Smalls @JessicaSmalls
Set Stylist: Wooden-Ladder @woodenladder
Creative Director: Noah Dreier @noahdreier
Photo Director: Toni Loggia @toniloggia

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