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Let’s Catch You Up on All that Happened on #BBNaija Day 51



Hank it!

The Lockdown Housemates were tasked to create an informative advertisement that will introduce Patricia’s new product called Hank.

For the second part of today’s Task, the Housemates were required to reshuffle themselves. As usual, the familiar lucky dip game was in a play once again to determine the new teams. The team names for this phase are as follow:

  1. Team Hank Luxury – Laycon, Nengi and Trikytee
  2. Team Hank Candy Floss – Vee, Kiddwaya and Dorathy
  3. Team Hank Black Panther – Ozo, Neo and Prince

The advertisement for the Task had to be precise, engaging, and informative. The length of their showcase was not restricted to any duration, but they had to ensure that the showcase is not too long or too short. Once in the Arena, the teams were asked to make their presentations in front of the provided backdrop.

Starting tonight’s Task presentation with Team Hank Black Panther, the team members presented a fun drama and advertisement for the Hank product.

1599675884 34 screenshot 2020 09 09 at 19.37.59

Next, was Team Hank Candy Floss who delivered a funny drama presentation.

1599675941 34 screenshot 2020 09 09 at 19.47.12

To close the Task was Team Hank Luxury who ended their presentation with a short catchy song.

1599676032 34 screenshot 2020 09 09 at 19.54.29

Once all teams had performed, the Housemates were asked to return to the House immediately and await the result announcement from Big Brother.

Team Hank Candy Floss takes the win

While all three teams may have given their best, only one team met the requirements presented to the Housemates.

Congratulations Team Hank Candy Floss – Kiddwaya, Dorathy and Vee, for winning the second task of the day. The team will be rewarded with the sum of one thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin, courtesy Patricia.

Three problem solvers

Problems can bring out the best and worst in people. The ladies of Big Brother Naija have shown that when problems pop up, they have their unique ways of putting them back down.

A tea bag is put into boiling water to get out the flavour, and the ladies of the Big Brother House are the same as problems bring out their best character traits. Here is a quick look at the mannerisms that influence all of their problem-solving methods.

Funny and forward
When problems arise the average person would shed a few tears and run away in fear but that is never the case for Dorathy. She has shown repeatedly that her preferred conflict resolution method is direct and humorous. Dorathy never shies away from any issue and always finds a way to inject some funny, no matter how dark the problem may be.

1599669461 34 screenshot 2020 09 07 at 16.21.08

Head on and no holds barred 
Few of the other Housemates can claim to be as direct or as hands-on as Vee. Whether she is sorting out an issue with another Housemate, or with her on again off again partner Neo, Vee always gets to the point and doesn’t hold back on hammering it in.

1599669548 34 screenshot 2020 08 31 at 15.03.30

Slow and steady
The sea could learn a thing or two about wearing out a stone from Nengi as her slow and deliberate nature whittles down issues perfectly. Her ability to stay focused on her objective without giving in to anger and frustration is nothing short of amazing.

1599669739 34 screenshot 2020 09 07 at 21.16.55

The Big Brother ladies have gotten this far because of their problem-solving abilities, and only time will tell if they will stay true to the character when the biggest problem arises…What to do with their 85 million Naira worth of winnings. Stay tuned to Big Brother Naija to find out.

Patricia is back

The BB Naija House lights up yet again with another fun Task from Patricia.

After an interesting visit earlier in the Season, Patricia Switch dropped by the House with another Task for the Housemates. The Tasks consisted of two activities which the House had to divide themselves into three teams for through a lucky dip game.

The Teams

After picking from the black box, each Housemate fell into three respective groups aptly named: Team Doing The Most, Team Here For You and Team Bitcoin Made Easy.

Team Doing the Most Team Here for You Team Bitcoin Made Easy
Vee Kiddwaya Dorathy
Laycon Neo Nengi
Ozo Trikytee Prince
1599667593 34 my post

The First Task

After watching a video clip containing information about the different products of the Patricia brand, the Housemates were told they will be taking turns in manning the Patricia Experience Centre set up in the arena and act as customer service agents or marketers of the Patricia product they represent. The opposing team members were to ask the presenting team questions about the products they are representing.

Judging the teams

The Housemates were to be judged by their responses to each question given by the presenting team. The focus will be on product knowledge, presentation, charisma, creativity, the appearance of the customer care agent and articulate answers to the questions. Based on these criteria, points were to be collated and the team with the most impressive customer care delivery announced the winner.

The last visit Patricia paid to the House saw all the Housemates winning an amazing prize from Patricia for their impressive presentations. We wonder if they will be able to wow Patricia again.

Get the act right

The Housemates have a talent show to prepare for and they have got to get their acts right.

Since they don’t have a Wager Presentation to prepare for, the Housemates are now channelling all their efforts towards their Shomax talent show and they are leaving no stone unturned.

Lights! Camera! Rehearse! 

The Showmax talent show is a lot closer now and the Housemates are working energetically to make sure they win it. The Showmax Task which involves the reenactment of a scene or a character from a movie or television series had the Housemates rehearsing for the best part of the afternoon trying to get their act right. For their parts, Kiddwaya, Prince and Dorathy had to prepare for the roles of Ghost, Tariq and Tacha from the TV Show Power

The best part of their preparations is that they can’t afford to be hostile to each other while preparing because their Wager Task is at stake. The Housemates have been divided into three teams and we can’t wait to see how well they will perform on Thursday night.

All-star concert squad

Picking an all-star cast for a musical concert is a lot harder than anyone envisages. It doesn’t even help when you have a long list of African giants to choose from and this was the conundrum the Housemates found themselves in as they tried to figure out the top five acts to perform at their hypothetical concert. Trikytee went for acts that would appeal to different audience while Kiddwaya, Dorathy and Laycon went beyond the shores of Naija to pick a few of their faves. Who knows, by some twist of fate, they might get to have their very own concert.

1599677189 34 screenshot 2020 09 09 at 13.24.48 1

You are beginning to do too much

After both of them agreed to be friends, Nengi doesn’t exactly think Ozo is keeping to the terms and agreement of their friendship as she believes he is beginning to do too much especially with the mushiness. She is concerned that her stay in the House so far has constantly revolved around relationship discussions. She is particular about life after the House and doesn’t want a situation where she will spend time answering questions about her purported relationship with Ozo.

1599676209 34 screenshot 2020 09 09 at 16.24.50

With the talent show on the way and Housemates drawing up new terms of friendship, the House is gearing up for more interesting dynamics and we can’t wait to see the outcome of it all.

Sleeping on the job

Some days in the gym you work out and other days it doesn’t work out. Today was the latter for the Big Brother Naija Housemates, but it wasn’t a complete loss.

To make the most of your waking moments a good night’s sleep is necessary, and even though these two things may be polar opposites, they do rely on each other for success. The Big Brother Naija Housemates showed off both sides of this paradigm during their workout as some used their gym time to sweat while others used it to catch up on sleep.

After grabbing a sensational win during the Darling World-Class Task yesterday it was no surprise that Nengi chose to find out if sleeping is a form of yoga during her gym session. She was joined in dreamland by Dorathy and the ever hardworking Deputy Head of House Laycon who also snoozed instead of sweating.

1599639404 34 screenshot 2020 09 09 at 08.34.53

Putting in a hard time to have a wonderful body as always was Prince who was intermittently joined by the Head of House Trikytee. There was no conversation between the pair as they did pushups and inclined dips and after their winning effort yesterday it was a surprise they had any energy left to expend today.

1599640254 34 screenshot 2020 09 09 at 10.22.38

Halfway between working and sleeping were Kiddwaya and Vee. Kiddwaya did manage to have a short walk before deciding to call it a day, while Vee kept the bench in place by sitting on it for the majority of her morning Arena time.

Neo and Ozo sweated the hardest by far as they both crunched, squatted and Roman twisted before deciding to spend the last part of their time chilling with their respective partners. The silence between Neo and Vee shows that there may still be trouble brewing between them.

1599640330 34 screenshot 2020 09 09 at 10.21.58

After a great showing yesterday and still more gruelling activities ahead today, it’s no surprise than the majority of the Housemates are saving their energies for activities that make their bank balance more beautiful than their bodies.

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