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Team Colourful wins the WAW task, a Trip Down Memory Lane & More Highlights on #BBNaija Day 64

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Winning the WAW

Divided into two teams, the BBNaija Housemates battled each other to win the WAW Task.

Team Colourful WAW comprising of Dorathy, Laycon and Vee were the winners in today’s WAW Detergent Task. The Task which was divided into ‘My Waw Moments’ and ‘The Waw Quiz Game’ ended with Team Colourful WAW emerging the overall winners defeating Team Classic comprising of Neo and Nengi.

My Waw Moments

For the first round of the Task, the Housemates were asked to take a trip down memory lane to the times spent in Biggie’s House and recall some of the fun moments had with WAW products. Team Colourful WAW emerged winners in this round with 45 points while Team Classic got only 30 points.

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The Waw Quiz Game

This was the perfect opportunity for Team Classic WAW to catch up to Team Colourful on the scoreboard as they each answered 30 questions to complete this round.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Even though they came quite close with 70 points, they still couldn’t beat Team Colourful WAW who scored 72 points. Tallying points from both rounds, Team Classic WAW got 100 points while Team Colourful WAW got 117 points making them the winners.

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Clearly the money rain in the House isn’t ending anytime soon as the members of Team Colourful WAW got to smile to share one million Naira thanks to WAW Detergent. Not only that, but they also get a year’s supply of Henkel homecare products.

No matter the outcome this Sunday, all the Housemates are already winners since no one has been left out of the daily bounty they get to win everyday.

Creating WAW moments

Courtesy of WAW Nigeria, the Lockdown Housemates were challenged to share their WAW moments in the BB Naija House.

The activities that formed their Tasks for today were divided into two parts, “My Waw Moments” and “The Waw Quiz Game”. To carry out today’s activities, the House was first required to split into two teams. A box with team names ‘Waw Classic’ and ‘Waw Colourful’ was provided for the Housemates to determine their team members, by taking turns in picking one card from the box.

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Their WAW Moments

Their first task for today was tagged My Waw Moments. For this Task, the Housemates in their respective teams were required to recall their experiences with the WAW product in Big Brother’s House and interpret these experiences through art. Painting materials were provided for their creative use. On the other hand, the Housemates were also asked to adopt any other form of art including drama, music or even spoken word as their preferred showcase.

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For the WAW Moments Task, they were only required to wear the Ankara merchandise provided for them. The duration for each team’s presentation was 15 minutes and starting with Team WAW Classic, the ball was set rolling.

Both teams were simply required to take a trip down memory lane to the times they have spent in Big Brother’s House and recall some of the fun and fond experiences they had with the Waw products in the Lockdown House. We found some stories interesting, like Nengi telling us about her WAW bonding moments with Ozo and Dorathy telling us a cute story on how Erica and Wathoni always helped her with laundry.

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The presentations will be judged by the following criteria: Creativity; Individuality; Brand Integration; Teamwork and Clarity of Message.

The crush on the outside

Nengi and Laycon talk about their crush outside the House. While one is shy, the other is smitten.

Early morning gist

Instead of their usual workout routine, the Lockdown final five had interesting conversations on various topics that relate to the outside world.

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