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LeonardoBySujimoto is Offering Luxury and a Mind blowing Investment Plan with Incredible ROI in 2 years

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The Leonardo is offering you a whopping 400% in 2 years, a return on investment that not even gold, treasury bills or cryptocurrencies can boast of !
With Treasury Bills and Fixed deposit at 3.5% ROI annually, where would you rather invest?


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a little analysis for you!  

The nicest and most expensive 3 Bedroom Apartment on Bourdillon Road and Eko Atlantic are selling for $2m – $4.5 USD. What we have designed is 3 times better and 2 times cheaper!
By the time we launch in October, the 3 Bedroom you are buying today for $650,000.00 will be sold at $1million when we launch in October, and $3.5 Million upon completion giving you over 400% ROI in 2 years!


The Leonardo will be the first option for HNIs and Expatriates looking for luxury, security and comfort. We have signed a rental agreement with top multinationals and blue chip companies that will rent the Leonardo immediately it is completed. The LeonardoBySujimoto 2 Bedroom will guarantee $50,000 Rental ROI per annum, 3 Bedroom will give $70,000, while the 4 Bedroom is guaranteed to give $100,000 USD per annum.


When you own a Leonardo, you can either live in it whenever you are in Lagos or we can help you put it on our Sujimoto Residences, an AirBNB Styled luxury short let service that guarantees N30million – N120million per annum at 70% occupancy!

For an initial deposit of $150,000 (30%), you too can become a proud owner of the LeonardoBySujimoto- a waterfront high-rise building that features premium fittings and facilities, award winning Zaha Hadid Bathrooms, the phenomenal Techno Gym, Full Home Automation, prestigious Kohler Kitchen, IMAX Cinema, incredible personalized Hair Salon, dedicated restaurants strictly for the residents, 5 Star interactive Lobby, Crèche, Tennis Court, Squash Courts, the 1st Private Luxury Boat Club in Africa and a top choice Mini-mart.

With the volatility in Stocks & Bonds and Treasury Bills at 3% per annum everyone between the ages of 35 and 60 are choosing real estate as the safest investment option, putting LeonardoBySujimoto as the first option. 

Success is like a goddess that favours the brave optimistic but punishes the procrastinating Thomases who see opportunities and refuse to take immediate action!

NOW is the time to buy! For 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom, Call Dammy on 0809 852 1646 or Tomiwa on 0809 124 3555

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