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Introducing the Latest Lord’s Chocolate Gin Flavour from Grand Oak 🍻



Your City has a NEW FLAVOUR!

Grand Oak, connoisseurs of one of your favourite gin brand, Lord’s Gin, have launched a new chocolate variant- Lord’s Chocolate Gin

This unique one of a kind Gin brand has a crystal-clear appearance with a “unique chocolate flavour blended with Juniper and berries”- the perfect taste for the premium gin-lover.
At first sip, you will taste the sweetness of the berries, which then transforms into a lingering chocolate finish, leaving behind rich chocolatey notes, without losing the original gin taste. 

Commenting on the unveil, Mridul Sharma, GM Marketing, Grand Oak, said “Consumers are always looking to give their drink choices a twist; and we know from the success of Lord’s Gin, that there’s an ever-increasing appetite for different styles of gin. Therefore, we created the Lord’s Chocolate Gin variant. A rich chocolate flavoured gin, perfectly blended with Juniper and Berries, crafted to satisfy the taste and fit perfectly with our premium taste master’s lifestyle”

Gin-lovers can enjoy Lord’s Chocolate either served neat or perfectly paired with their favourite tonic infused with twirls of orange or lemon slices, served over ice. Lord’s Chocolate Gin is perfect for sharing with friends and family, or as a great gift to celebrate a big or small win.

Lord’s chocolate-gin liqueur is in stores nationwide, available in 175ml and 750ml sizes, to undoubtedly shake up many gin cocktails this season, with its steadiness and pleasing finish.


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