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20 Fun New Ways to Sign-Off Your Emails During a Pandemic

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Yours Sincerely, Your Faithfully, Best, Kind Regards—while there’s plenty of advice on choosing a professional sign off, things are, well, different right now, and these sign-offs don’t seem appropriate for these strange times.

Many of us stop reading after the last full sentence in an email. After all, the majority of people sign-off with “Best,” “Thanks,” “Sincerely,” or something similarly boring, and there’s no point reading this a million times.

But why not spice things up, and let every line of your email make a lasting impression. It could just be the best thing the receiver will see that day, you never can tell.

Feyikemi FK Abudu made a simple tweet “I need a new way to sign off emails”, and the replies are just out of this world. According to FK, “I said what I said x”, “You know the vibes”, “Yours pandemically”, “Stay jiggy” and “Ke ni nice day”.

See for yourself:


We also shared with our lovely BNers. See the replied for yourself:

Lola OJ – Ke ni nice day

Emmanuel – Yours in Lockdown. Gbe body eh. Yours in distancing ?

Princess – We move* or “mic drops or “drops mic”

Damilola – Ke ni nice day ? a.k.a una go dey alright!



Which will you go for?


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