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Wuraola Ademola-Shanu: The 5 Cs To Creating Great Content Marketing Campaign

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If your business hasn’t begun to create content, it isn’t too late to start. While content marketing is the new oil, especially during the pandemic, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. After all, crafting great content involves planning and research.

The good news? Whether you are new to content marketing or are already implementing it, I’ve compiled 5 steps that’ll guide you while creating a content marketing campaign:


Being a curator isn’t an easy job, and it isn’t difficult either. As a curator, the first assignment you need to undertake is to understand your target audience, identify their pain points, and know the types of content that would serve as solutions to the problems they have. You might have tons of content ideas you want to share, but if you grab and share the first content you see, there’s a fat chance that your audience will begin to feel a disconnect with your brand and not come back for more.

So, even if a popular video or post is being shared by everyone and you know it isn’t suited for your business, please, don’t hop onto the bandwagon and share it. As a content curator, it’s your responsibility to discover the hidden gems your customers would like, and that means taking the time to create the right content for them.


Calibration means understanding and having your key performance indicators (KPIs) ready. Every single content your brand publishes must be connected to your overall content marketing strategy. If this isn’t done, you’d end up wasting time, energy, and money. Remember, creating interesting content isn’t enough. Your content has to be interesting, engaging, and moving your business closer to its content marketing goals.


After curating and calibrating your content, the next thing to do is content creation, and this might be the trickiest and hardest part. If you can’t create your content, I recommend that you outsource this job to a content creator instead of struggling with it.

For content creation, it’s dangerous to assume that the content you create for your audience must be in a particular form. Don’t assume that your audience wants videos or picture carousels only. Content comes in other forms such as infographics, white papers, case studies, eBooks, newsletters, games, etc.

So, whether you are new to content marketing or already implementing it, it’s important to be flexible and use various content types. Doing this will let you know the type of content your audience leans towards and the ones that need to go. Additionally, remember that not all content is created for the same purpose. For example, the kind of content you would create to achieve direct sales is different from that created for brand awareness purposes.


There’s no reason to create awesome content if no one sees it. The first rule of content circulation/distribution is figuring out which of the distribution channels need the utmost attention. If your followers watch videos, then you should focus on YouTube the most. If they like B2B articles, you might consider LinkedIn. If they like stunning pictures with punchy captions, Instagram would be your best bet. You can’t achieve an effective circulation of your content if you don’t understand how your audience consumes content.


If your content, even if it’s engaging and interesting, doesn’t push your target audience down the sales funnel, then you might need to restrategize. Pay attention to your audience’s actions across all of your social media platforms as well as the feedback you get from clients and potential customers. Who knows? There might be a goldmine waiting to be explored there.

There you have it! The 5 C’s to creating great content marketing campaigns? Are you using them to your advantage?

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Wuraola Ademola-Shanu is a freelance writing coach, copywriter, editor and content strategist who help professionals, consultants and business owners align their stories with their ideal clients, refine their sales funnels and expand their online reputations. She is also a proofreader. You can connect with her via her IG page @thecopywritingchick