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“Keep my Brother in Your Prayers” Oxlade shares Ojah Bee’s CT Scan Report



The protests are still going on across different states in Nigeria and every day, the youth find more reason to keep the #EndPoliceBrutality movement going.

So many young people have been assaulted even during the protest, and some of them include fast rising singer Oxlade and his manager Ojabodu Ademola, popularly known as Ojah Bee.

While Oxlade was able to escape, his manager was arrested, tortured, locked up and only released several hours later, after the intervention of well meaning Nigerians.

On Wednesday, Oxlade shared a photo of Ojah Bee’s CT scan report saying, “my brother has a swelling in his brain and he can’t control his fingers, thanks to the Nigerian Police. Thank you Nigerian government for failing the youth. I am lost for words right now, but please keep my brother In your prayers.”


Photo Credit: @omoba_folarin

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