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Must Read: Some of the Personal Experiences fueling the #EndSARS Movement



The #EndSARS protest has taken center stage of events in Nigeria at the moment and there is no stopping now.

More youths are coming out in large numbers to protest in different locations, they are indeed relentless.

It has become a global movement as international personalities have also joined the protest with their various platforms, calling on the Nigerian government to #EndSARSNow.

Although it is glaring the reasons why these protests need to be held, some people have raised questions about the intentions and reasons behind these protests.

From calling it a plan to stop the police from going after criminals to calling it a means for people to chase clout, the main reasons why these protests need to be held have been completely ignored – to end police brutality and put a stop to the killing of innocent youths.

It has become necessary to highlight some of the personal experiences fueling the #EndSARS movement.

Photo Credit: @jaadanne

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