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Buifabrics represents Fashion as Bold, Sophisticated, and Stylish- Check this out!



Fabric is the source, the inspiration, and the vital ingredient. It sets the tone for every outfit. Inspired by life’s special moments, Buifabrics, a luxury textile supply company based in Nigeria is taking you on a visual extravaganza.

Buifabrics founded by Chiazor Ejekam aka “Bui” is inspired by the concept of beauty in all things as typified by the best fashion houses in the world. 

She is driven by the need to provide bold, sophisticated, stylish and exceptional fabrics to bring out the best in her clients and exceed their expectations. Applying her background in fine art, she is creative and discerning in curating the best the world has to offer. 

In this showcase, each drape, sequin, diamanté, ruffle and pleat gently accentuate and flatter. The light then dances on these beautiful creations made with Buifabrics. Explore the beauty of these exquisite hand-made fabrics as they transform our muse from a bride to a party girl and then royalty. It is more than just fabric, it is a work of art. 

Creative Direction and styling  Buifabrics @buifabrics
Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke @emmanueloyeleke
Muse: Funke Williams @funkewilliams
Set Design: Nwando’s Signature  @nwandossignatureevents
Makeup: Anita Brows  @anitabrows 


Zaza Crystal Tulle. 

The Zaza crystal tulle catches the light at every turn. Zaza is immaculate and exquisite all at the same time.
(White short dress)                       

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics (the Zaza Crystal Tulle)
  2. Garment Designer: Marveeofficial @marveeofficial
  3. Hair accessories: Buiaccessories @buiaccessories                
  4. Jewellery: Pink perfection accessories @pinkperfection_accessories 


Serena Panel (Ice Blue Tulle Dress)

The Serena panel is a perfect combination of ice blue, grey and silver crystals. Serena is reminiscent of a baroque era. It exudes sophistication and elegance. It is a one-of-a-kind piece. 

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics (Serena Crystal Panel)
  2. Garment Designer: @Afrikcouture 
  3. Jewellery: @Pinkperfection_accessories


Kessie Crystal Tulle (Nude Tassel Dress)


Kessie personifies royalty.  Every crystal is perfectly placed and creates a one of a kind look. 

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics (Kessie Crystal Tulle)
  2. Garment Designer: @Afrikcouture
  3. Hairpiece: @Urezculture
  4. Jewellery: @Pinkperfection_accessories


Candy Panel (Colourful Rainbow dress)


Oh, Candy! This fabric is fun and playful. It just makes you want to twirl around or strut your personal catwalk and the rainbow colour is soo dreamy. 

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics (Candy Panel) 
  2. Garment Designer: @Marveeofficial
  3. Hairpiece: @Buiacceasories 
  4. Jewellery: @Pinkperfection_accessories 
  5. Bag: @Pinkperfection_accessories 


Bibi Panel (Silver Crystal)

Bibi is the most glamorous of them all. If a fabric had star power, Bibi would be it. You can picture Bibi on the most glamorous women in the world. Bibi is GLAM TO THE MAX.

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics (Bibi Panel)
  2. Garment Designer: @Afrikcouture
  3. Hairpiece @Urezculture
  4. Jewellery: @Pinkperfection_accessories


Avant-garde Asooke 

Have you ever seen Asooke and Brocade mixed so well? You probably have not. The Avante Garde Asooke brings a new dimension into how asooske can be designed for the future. This Asooke is modern, edgy and the colour combination is epic. The Brocade also gives the design a multi-textured feel like no other.

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics 
  2. Garment Designer: @Marveeofficial 
  3. Asooke: @Wovenmarketafrica
  4. Jewellery: @Pinkperfection_accessories 
  5. Bag: @Pinkperfection_accessories  
  6. Gele @BJGele 


Bui Igbo Bride in Nnenna Brocade 

Nnenna Brocade was adorned with gunmetal stones from the Bui Roxy Crystal Panel to create a truly royal look. The Brocade catches the light and reveals the rich combination of gold, rose gold and bronze silk threads. 

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics (Bianca Brocade)
  2. Garment Designer: @Marveeofficial 
  3. Coral Headpiece and earrings: @Urezculture 
  4. Coral necklace horsetail: @Buiacceasories 


Chioma Crystal Panel (Black Crystal Dress)

The Chioma Crystal Panel is a remarkable piece of Art. It’s a standout piece that is a definition of a statement look. It provides that shimmering look you will forever crave for. 

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics (Chioma Panel) 
  2. Designer: @Afrikcouture 
  3. Jewellery: @Pinkperfection_accessories  


Nkechi Crystal Tulle (Navy dress) 

The Nkechi tulle is utterly impressive and sophisticated. It exudes a subtle elegance that makes you think of nothing else but its dazzling beauty. 

  1. Fabric: @Buifabrics (Nkechi Crystal Tulle) 
  2. Garment Designer: @Matopeda 
  3. Jewellery: @Pinkperfection_accessories

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