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Molped is building Confidence in Young Girls, One City at a Time



Following the successful launch of Molped Sanitary Pad in April 2019, the brand is growing stronger, giving girls the confidence to live their best lives free of insecurities experienced during their period.

From developing pimples to stomach cramps and the constant fear of getting stained, periods can be stressful. With all of these valid fears and anxieties, Hayat Kimya developed Molped featuring absorbent channel systems that are made from a super absorbent polymer that keeps the liquid locked in thereby offering 100% leak protection.

This is one amazing sanitary pad you ought to try and share with your bestie and girl tribe!

Hayat Kimya wants to make sure that every Female experience the Molped Sanitary Pad, and unlocks the confidence it brings; the confidence to get up and go, and be free of the anxiety of getting stained during your period by bringing Molped to you!

We will be visiting 10 states, over 50 markets, and neighborhoods to give you the opportunity to try the Molped sanitary pads. And ladies, if you enjoy using the product as much as we are certain you would, then please don’t keep all that goodness to yourself, share it with your friends! We all deserve a good thing!

The road tour which kicked-off in October has already visited over 9 markets in Lagos and Ibadan. The Molped bus is set to visit more cities including Ilorin, Akure, Benin, Onitsha, Enugu, Aba, Calabar, and Port Harcourt City.

For more information on the road map and to get an opportunity to try the product and share it with your tribe, follow @molpednigeria for more details.

With Molped there is no nylon! No Leakage! No irritation!
Providing the perfect combination of softness and protection. Molped currently has 2 variants – Ultra-soft and Maxi Thick sanitary pads. Each of these variants comes in various SKUs and sizes (Normal, Long, and Extra-long)

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