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We Love Everything About FIA’s Fifth Anniversary ‘Time’ Capsule Collection

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In celebration of its fifth  anniversary Nigerian design brand FIA launched a capsule collection called TIME.

According to the brand:

This collection is very personal to us because it represents the past 5 years in the fashion industry.

It represents our growth, our challenges, it represents the year 2020 and how the pandemic slowed down the fashion industry as a whole.

This year also enlightened us more about sustainable production and now we aim to push for responsible consumption and production hereby reducing over production.

TIME is a limited capsule collection made thoughtfully with love and affection putting ourselves in the view of the customers and everything that has happened this year.

Anticipate “TIME”

Check out the full collection below:


F I A F A C T O R Y @thefiafactory by K O S O L O N W U D I N J O R @kosolonwudinjor

Styling and Creative Direction by TheStyleInfidel for @thestyleinfidelstudios

Accessories from @wowaccessorries

Mules Redesigned Using Mop Strings

Model Chioma from @bethmodelafrica

Makeup by @proteusvanity

Hair by @zubbydefinition

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