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Ifu Ennada is Living Her Best Life in the Maldives?

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Reality star Ifu Ennada is living her best life in the Maldives and we’re all for it. The glow, happiness and all-round beauty she exudes tells you just how much fun she’s having in this exquisite ocean villa.

Ifu who couldn’t wait to begin her adventure was so pleased to announce her arrival with a video from the airport describing the beauty of the island, the blue seas, white sands and lovely people.

Finally in #Maldives! Yes! This is where I’m gonna be spending my Valentine’s Day! This Island is beautIFU beyond words! The Seas are truly Blue! Sand White! and the People lovely!

In another post, Ifu continued to gush over the exotic island saying just how she could get used to blue skies and the blue sea. “To say #Maldives is beautIFU is an understatement. This 100% Muslim Country is so blessed and her people are kind and hardworking too,” she added.

From having breakfast in the Indian ocean and soaking in the serenity of the deep blue sea with a glass of wine to resting her back in her ocean villa bed after a busy day of enjoying herself, Ifu makes it evident that “There’s a beautIFU spirit about #Maldives …the beauty in the Sea & Sky and the confidence it gives you to be your authentic self. ❤❤❤”.

“Find Me Where the Blue Sky Meets the Blue Ocean and we might live happily ever after…❤,” Ifu wrote describing how she’s so in love with this place. Although she has to end this exciting vacation, she assures she is “coming back soon.???”

Check out some photos and videos from this interesting trip:

The arrival

Breakfast on the Indian Ocean

A rainy day

Photo Credit: @ifuennada

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