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#NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering: Here are 3 Memorable Quotes From Bisola Borha On Wedding Planning During a Pandemic



Hello there!

Were you at the NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering by Golden Penny and BellaNaija Weddings? If you were, then you already know it was all shades of amazing! If you weren’t, you’re about to find out how amazing it was.

We’re sending you lots of E-hugs for being a part of our Virtual gathering. Thank you so much for coming through! Now, if you weren’t a part of it, it’s okay. Our #NewlyNearly Virtual gathering speakers came through to the fullest. They gave useful tips, reiterating very valid things to note and generally, a lot of insight but that’s not all. They also came through with something extra special. Keep reading to see what it is.

We know that a lot of work goes into planning a wedding. The process is even more strenuous especially now that we’re in a pandemic. So we decided to bring on the ace Event planner, Bisola Borha of TrendyBee Events and she shared many important tips that will be of great help as she discussed the topic, “Trends To Know While Planning A Wedding In A Pandemic”. She also left you a digital gift, click here to download it.

Here are 3 very salient points from Bisola Borha that we most certainly wouldn’t forget:

Wondering what communication has to do with planning? Read this;

Communication is key. Make sure to communicate with everyone in the planning process.


It’s a pandemic. So, you’re wondering how to manage guests? You should totally check out what Bisola has to say;

“Your guest list should be well controlled.”

Now have you been wondering how to balance enjoyment at a time like this? Check this out.

“It is important to stay healthy just as much as we live for the moment.” 

Planning isn’t easy, but the end is always worth it – especially when done right!

Now, we told you there’s a special gift for you! Here’s Bisola’s digital gift.

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