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Exclusive Moments from the BusyBee Excellence Awards, a Bridgerton Themed Gala Night

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The event business industry on Wednesday night, November 16th, 2022 stood still as Bisi Sotunde, CEO BusyBee Events held guests, Well-Watered Garden Tribe members, and media spellbound in an evening that produced excitement, ecstasies, and rewards for creative excellence.

The event, BusyBee Excellence Awards was put together by Bisi Sotunde to celebrate outstanding event professionals who have shown excellence in their businesses.

Guests across the nation made their presence felt as if they lived up to expectations with different designs and styles with the theme, ‘Bridgerton’.

The two-day event summit is a brainchild of BusyBee Events. This year’s theme summit ‘The Power of You’ featured some top experts at LSETF and international event business experts.

Speaking at the awards, Bisi said that someone needed to stand up to provide leadership in the industry that has been looked down upon for several years.

This industry has provided hundreds of thousands of jobs and it is a very important sub-sector in the entertainment and tourism sector.

On the awards, Bisi said that the award categories are in two parts, the Well-Watered Garden Tribe (WWGT) Nation, a community founded by her to support event professionals in the industry while the other part of the awards is the Honorary Recognition to celebrate industry leaders.

According to her, The WWGT Award categories are: ‘Most Resourceful Member’, ‘Most Active Member’, ‘Most Supportive Member’, ‘Most Influential Personality of the Year’, ‘Member of the year’, ‘Young Event Professional of the year’, ‘Emerging Event Professional of the Year’, and ‘Most Improved Business of the Year’

Honorary Award was given to Bisola Borha, CEO of Trendy Bee Elite Events who clinched the Industry Icon of the Year 2022, and Olajumoke Oriloye of Manifold Event and Rentals who clinched the Excellent Leadership Award of the Year 2022.

BusyBee Events is a force to reckon with in the industry that is why I created my own platform and have the BusyBee excellence award to celebrate other colleagues and also get recognition from others.

The Founder of the Trendy Bee Elite event, Bisola Borha said:

It was amazing and inspiring to receive the Industry Icon award of the year.

We are expecting bigger things next year. We are expecting a total turnaround in the industry for all boundaries and we are hopeful after the 2023 election the industry will flourish again.

Olajumoke Oriloye, who said she will be retiring in a couple of years, said it was refreshing to see how one is appreciated for the work she is doing to earn a living.

I am excited and my joy knows no bounds. It is my happiest day of this year, she exclaimed.

I am only asking the younger generation to take the craft to the next level. We can achieve everything we conceive in our mind. It is possible because technology has made everything possible. I thank BusyBee for the great job she is doing. I am proud of it.

On the imperiality of the panel, Bisi said the panel of judges had put in a great job because in this award, recipients do not know the panel and that is the most exciting part of it.

Everyone who has picked up an award tonight truly deserves it. We look forward to an even better event in 2023, she added.

Some of those who got awards include;
Stella Naiye of Chillis Pot as ‘Most Influential Personality of the Year’ for her influence and consistency among the WWGT,
Feyikemi Welsing of Sueno Exquisite Events as ‘Most Active Member of the Year’,
Blessing Ege of Priceless PA& Events as ‘Young Event Professional of the Year’,
Quality DJ Ralph as ‘Most Improved Business’,
Nneoma Jide-Ebelendu of Alessa Suave Events as ‘Emerging Event Professional’,
Ann Onwuka of 3P Royal Events as Most Resourceful Member
Ayo Adewuyi MC Teka as Member of the Year Awards.

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