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#NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering: Ola & Bisi Soetan Reminded Us of The Beauty of a Healthy Marriage with These 3 Quotes



Hello there!

The NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering by Golden Penny and BellaNaija Weddings was one beautiful event to remember! We trust that you had a great time with all the sessions because we most definitely did.

Now, if you joined in, thank you for being a part of the magic. If you missed it, it’s alright still. We had very brilliant speakers, all of whom came through with amazing and salient points on their individual topics and we thought it fair to share them with you. Sweet right?

Now, at BellaNaija Weddings, we greatly believe in the longevity of marriage and that it can be beautiful and fun which is one of the reasons we put together this month-long experience. On that note, we decided to have Ola & Bisi Soetan, the founders of Secret Place Wife and Secret Place Husband share with us how to build a fun and healthy marriage.  They shared helpful ways, tips and facts on building a healthy marriage in the current world. You should totally get your digital gift from them now.

This session was powerful with a lot of things to take note of, so we’d be sharing a few of the many tips they shared.
Honestly, communication in any relationship and marriage can’t be over flogged. In Ola & Bisi’s words:

Ensure there is open, effective communication about any and everything in your marriage.

Of course, there’s no great marriage without great sex, so here’s a quote to always remember:

As a married couple have sex and desire to have great sex.

According to Ola and Bisi, if it’s not going to matter in two years, let it go.

Let go of small annoyances and pursue forgiveness and healing for big ones.


Here’s a bonus quote just for you; “A great marriage is not when a perfect come together, it is when an imperfect couple works together to build the kind of marriage they desire”.  If you missed Ola and Bisi’s session, no need to worry, you can get their digital gift to you.

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