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#NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering: Check out These 3 Financially Helpful Quotes From Oluwatosin Olaseinde



Hi there, fam!

The NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering by Golden Penny and BellaNaija Weddings was everything we envisaged and more! We’re trusting that you joined in and def enjoyed every bit of it.

We’re saying a big thank you for taking out the time to be a part of this jolly smooth ride that was the #NewlyNearly virtual gathering. If you missed it, that’s alright – there’s always more exciting experiences for you.  Our brilliant speakers really came correct with very helpful and insightful points on their topics. You know we’ve always got you covered so, we’d be sharing the highlights with you.

We promised to discuss finance, as we understand that this is one very key factor in relationships. On that note, we had the vast financial maestro, Oluwatosin Olaseinde of Money Africa. She came through with a lot of useful insights and tips into the topic, “How To Build Wealth Before And After You Get Married”. She also left you a digital gift, click HERE to get it.

Here are 3 take-home points from her session:

The question of individuality or teamwork when it comes to financial matters in a relationship is one that has come up in several discussions. Check out what Oluwatosin has to say on that:

“Work towards your financial goal as individuals and as a couple.”

Is financial freedom a source of interest or concern to you and your partner? See what Oluwatosin has to say about that.

“Dual-career income is absolutely important to financial freedom.” 

What’s the best path to attain financial independence? If you’ve asked yourself this question, then check this quote out:

“Slow and steady wins the rece. Achieve financial independence slowly.” 

In all, the issue of finance is definitely one very important part of every relationship, especially for couples. If you missed Oluwatosin’s session, don’t worry – you’re still covered. She has a special digital gift for you. Click HERE to get it.

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