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Knowing the right Skincare Routine can earn You 5years less than your current Age

By Moe



‘’I regret taking care of my skin.’’ – says no one.

The Nigerian beauty industry has been criticized for a long time due to the lack of authenticity of all-natural products. We have heard horror stories of skin-damaging due to the use of toxic products labeled as ‘’organic’’. The skin is like a sponge that absorbs everything you put on it, be it good or bad. 

After 2years of extensive product research, we present to you Botanical Body by Organic Shoppe

Botanical Body is here to change this narrative. When it comes to holistic beauty, we go above and beyond, and this is because we believe that what goes on in your body is as important as what goes in. Botanical Body products are created from natural plant extracts ranges, produced to help skin types and skin variants (complexion, texture).

As we scout around the world to source the highest quality ingredients, precious plant extracts, magical oils, and potent cosmeceuticals, Botanical Body endeavors to produce and provide effective botanical beauty products ensuring that each formula instantly improves the way your skin looks and feels. 

Beyond plant-based oils, butter, and essential extracts, skincare, and healing can benefit from the synergy of plant-based butter, oils, and essence, giving us a tested and trusted improved skin appearance, improved skin tone, and a younger-looking complexion.

Discover our kit sets to help you achieve healthier and younger-looking skin on www.botanical all cruelty-free:

?Acne Care Kit (Acne Toner, Acne Fence, Acne Heal)

? 5years younger Daily Care Kit (Cleanser, Toner, Antioxidant, Body lotion, Sunscreen)

? Anti-ageing Kit (Cleanser, Anti-ageing Toner, Anti-ageing Cream, Moisturizer)

Why choose Botanical Body?

  • Natural Ingredients: Botanical body products are non-GMO, do not contain harmful additives and cruelty-free, great for all skin types, and made with natural ingredients.
  • Product Kits: We have created kits that cater to specific skin concerns and improvements. They include: -Acne Care Kit, Daily Care Kit, and ⁣Anti-ageing Kit.
  • Secure Payment: To help provide a safe experience, we only allow payment methods that offer strong protection for our buyers.
  • 24/7 Support: We maintain a dedicated e-commerce support center providing support for your shopping experience and technical assistance.

Contact info:

Botanical Body 

Phone: +234 818 507 9084

Email – [email protected]

Botanical Body… Promoting Beauty At Every Stage Of Life With Botanical Body Products. 

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