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“Made In Lagos”, Fashion & the Kids – All of the things Wizkid spoke about in his Interview with Vogue

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Award-winning Afrobeats singer Wizkid talked about his latest album “Made In Lagos“, his style, kids and more in a recent interview with Vogue.

Describing the superstar, Vogue wrote in its intro:

In his decade-long career, Nigerian superstar Wizkid has risen from the bustling streets of Surulere—also home of the late great West African music legend Fela Kuti—to take his place on the global world stage. Released late last year, his fourth studio album, Made in Lagos, is his most consistently mature and cohesive yet. Here, the singer tinctures his signature brand of Afrobeat with hints of R&B, pop, and reggae, producing a cocktail of songs that seamlessly traverses cultures. It’s ambient, breezy, everyday music. Commanding and measured, Wizkid’s clearly not the scrappy teenager he was when he first started.

About the “Made In Lagos” album and what it represents, Wizkid says, “We can make the Socos and the party songs a billion times, but sometimes I just want to give the people a different type of vibe.”

Wizkid also talks about his fashion and the thought he puts into his style saying, “I intentionally spend as much time as I do on the music on my image as well.” “I hope I can also inspire my sons in the same way. I see them try to dress like me sometimes and it’s fun to watch,” the singer adds.

Read the complete interview on Vogue.

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